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September Instagram & October Goals

Happy October (one day late)! In my opinion, October is the best month of the year, but that could be because it's mine and Andrew's birthday month ;-)

Last night, to celebrate Andrew's birthday, we tried a fun restaurant called Straw (checked one item off the Fall To-Do List)! It has a carnival inspired menu and decor, and was the perfect place for a casual birthday dinner with friends. I told Andrew that it was just the two of us and his sister going to dinner, but I actually invited a group of our friends as well. Even though I attempted a fun surprise, Andrew said he was on to me.


September flew by this year, possibly because we spent a week in Cabo. Vacation always makes time move faster, doesn't it? Here's a glimpse at what we've been up to via my Instagram account...

// Bloody Mary's at the airport before our vacation in Cabo San Lucas, it's tradition! //

// On the catamaran in Cabo headed to see some fishies! It was my favorite part of our vacation! //

// My parents celebrated 41 years of marriage! They've been the best example of true love and what a marriage should look like. //

// Andrew made us Thai Chicken Noodle soup from Outside Magazine, a recipe used by athletes at the Olympics! //

// The picturesque view on my run through Pacific Heights! Beautiful evenings in the city always inspire me to get outside and go for a run. //

// The cutest baby EVER! My sister sent me this picture one morning because he was wearing my favorite pj's. The stripes are just too cute! //

// #tbt (that means Throw Back Thursday, Mom & Dad) Kristin, Erica and I from 2006 at our friends 21st birthday party!! Such fun memories! And now, here we are 7 years later all living in the city & blogging! //

// Another #tbt from 2009 at the Brad Paisley concert with my sister and Josh. One of the best nights ever, we had way too much fun! //

// Sleepy boy! Mom sent me this picture of Phillip after he woke up from his nap. Seriously, he couldn't get any cuter! Also, I just realized that I don't even have kids and I'm turning into that person who posts pictures of babies all the time....oops! //

// My new favorite picture! There was an empty frame in my bathroom, and my sneaky sister had this printed and put it in the frame while she was here last weekend! Now it makes me smile every morning when I'm getting ready. //

// Checking one item off the Fall To-Do List! Picking apples in our backyard. You would never guess that photo was taken in an urban garden. We have 4 apple trees, I think I'll be making applesauce soon. And maybe an apple pie, too! //

I was reading the adorable Shalyn's blog, and loved her idea of listing out goals for the month ahead. If you haven't noticed, I love lists! They keep me on track, and I get so much satisfaction slowly checking things off as I complete them. So, I decided to borrow her idea and jot down a few of my own goals for October.

  1. Make fitness a priority
  2. Read more
  3. Drink more water
  4. Go to bed earlier
  5. Manage my time more efficiently
  6. Pay it forward
  7. Finally sell a few items on Ebay
  8. Fun new collaboration with my friend Kasey!
  9. Keep the house tidy
  10. Take Louis on more frequent, and longer walks

I'm hoping that posting these goals will help hold me accountable! I'm going to really make an effort to work on completing everything on this list during the month of October. I'll check in with you at the end of the month!

I hope you all are having a great day!! 


  1. That is so sweet that your sister printed that photo out and put it in a frame before you even knew about it! It's such a great photo. He looks so happy with his mommy and auntie :)

    Yay for our collab! Emailing you back right now!

  2. that floral bathing suit is sooooo cute!

  3. that thai chicken noodle looks fantastic :)

  4. your instagram shots are awesome!
    so cool you've been to the siena palio, i would looove to know the name of the little b&b you stayed in within the city! :) i looove siena, posting about palio '13 tomorrow :))

  5. goals 1-5 are always on my list! we just planted an apple tree a few months ago. we're a long way from producing fruit, and who knows if it will even grow here, but i can't wait to see what happens!

    Nordstrom Giveaway!

  6. Love the goals! They sound like the formula for a great month :) Hope you guys enjoy birthday month!


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