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"T" Party

My version of  a Toga costume

Last Friday, my sweet friends planned a birthday party for me, complete with a Halloween inspired costume theme! We all "Dressed to a T" and did a little pub crawl in North Beach! It was so much fun, I couldn't believe that all my friends stuck with the "T" theme! I feel so lucky to have so many wonderful friends here in the city that came out to celebrate with me! 

Some of our friends from college were even able to join the fun. Thankfully, a lot of us still live in the Bay Area, so our friends Danny, Rich and Shannon all came into the city for the night! A group of us met early at our house to have pizza and cocktails before heading to North Beach. It was fun to get the party started a bit early. The best part was waiting for everyone to arrive and see what they dressed up as. 

Fun invitation they my friends made! 
Andrew and I had so much fun putting our costumes together. We had been throwing around ideas, but nothing was set in stone. So a couple weeks ago, we decided to spend our Sunday on the hunt for costume supplies. We figured, what better place to look than Haight Street? There are tons of vintage and thrift shops along Haight, so we knew we were bound to find something. I had an idea in mind, but it would also work for Andrew if we didn't find something else for him. I ended up finding a Toga costume at the first Goodwill store we went to, for only $8! It was nothing special, but I knew with a trip to the craft store I could spruce it up a bit. 

Since I found my costume right away, we spent the remainder of our time searching for Andrew. It was actually such a fun day. Trying on random things and trying to think of something clever for him to dress up as. We decided to stick with my original idea, the Tapatio Guy! We found the perfect jacket for less than $10, and were able to borrow a sombrero from a friend! All that was left to do was make the "Salsa Picante" sign and buy a red scarf. I had so much fun painting his sign, I was way more into his costume than mine.

The toga costume I started with was a little was the typical, cheap costume shop version. It had a funky leather plastic buckle on the shoulder and weird gold ropes draped across it. After a quick trip to Joanns, I was able to spruce it up a bit. I made clips of gold leaves using gold poinsettia flowers in the holiday section. I attached one at the shoulder and another waist so the dress was more flattering. I also found a tutorial on YouTube that gave me the idea to use gold leaf on my eyes and shoulder. I just used eyelash glue and tweezers to apply it. I loved the way it looked, but warning, it took forever to get off! With a few loose curls and a gold headband, my costume was ready! It was probably the easiest costume I've ever thrown together! 

Tapatio & Toga
Andrew had the best costume of the night!
Tim Tebow and his Trainer
Troll // Texas Rangers // Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum 
College Roommates! I love my Tweedle Dee!
Football Theme Costumes
Trainer // Tim Tebow // Bears Coach: Marc Trestman
The best we could do for a group shot, poor Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee got cut off!

Here is a glimpse at our night via Instagram #tparty

I had the best night! Thank you to my amazing friends who all came and dressed up! You all made my night so special and fun!!

I didn't get a picture of everyone, but these were the various "T" costumes of the night:

 Trashy // Take-Out // Timberlake, Justin // Tomb Raider // Table Tennis Player // Twiggy // TRUMP // Troll // Toga // Tapatio // Texas Rangers // Trojan // Tim Tebow // Trainer // Trestman, Marc // Tom Selleck // Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum // Tiger //
And another friend dressed up as our friend whose last name has two "T's" 

At brunch on Saturday we voted that Andrew had the best costume. But there were so many good ones! I loved Erica's troll hair and belly gem! Everyone looked awesome! 


  1. Umm this is awesome! What a sweet group of friends to plan this for you!

  2. This is amazing! Cute costume ideas too. :)

  3. What a GREAT idea!! I love it. Your friends are awesome!

  4. this is FABULOUS! what a great idea.

  5. oh my gosh obsessed with this theme!!! Dressed to T! that's amazing! we had an E party for our friend Erin and had so much fun thinking of costumes. Clearly we're very into themes and costumes :)

  6. Okay, that troll costume?? Pretty awesome. Where the heck did she get that bright green hair???
    What awesome friends you have to throw you such a fun party for your birthday! LOVED yours and Andrews costumes.

  7. your friends are so fun! love it!! and you did an amazing job with your looked beautiful!


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