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Bea's Birthday!

Happy Friday friends!

Today is one of my very best friends birthday's, you may recognize her, Erica Bea aka Nannypology! Tonight, we're celebrating Erica and her twin brother with a party in North Beach including apps, cocktails, and life size Jenga! I'm pretty pumped!

Happy birthday to one of my dearest friends! She's the one who actually encouraged me to finally start this lil' blog I had been talking about for years!

we do fun things together :) 

I was feeling a little unmotivated today and then I saw my friend Kasey's post, and figured I should go to confession as well...

// I confess I haven't been to the gym once this week! I know, it's bad!

// I confess I went to Nordstrom on my lunch break and got this cute top on sale!

// I confess I have big calves and I've been struggling to find a cute pair of riding boots for fall that will fit. But thankfully, I finally found a pair that work!

// I confess I'm looking forward to a low key weekend in the city.

// I confess I reaallly need to do laundry!

// I confess that I'm really jealous of Serena for going on the adventure of a lifetime!

// I confess I'm kind of over fantasy football this year.

// I confess I got really behind on responding to comments after vacation...but I'm back on track this week! Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments, they always brighten my day!

// I confess it's only October 3rd and I'm already really excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Thanks for letting me steal your idea Kasey :)

What are you all up to this weekend? Mine is pretty low key, not much planned besides the party tonight. I'm looking forward to relaxing and getting stuff done around the house.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. OMG literally I have laundry in the washer that I forgot to move to the dryer. Reading this post reminded me! So... thanks. haha. Also, happy birthday to Erica!

  2. You are SO pretty! Have fun tonight celebrating your friend's birthday! Life size Jenga?? That's awesome.
    Cute top! And those boots!!?!?!?! I am LOVING them! Good choice! I kinda want to be a copycat ;)
    Have a good weekend! Glad you did a confession too.

  3. loving your 'confession' list - you are good with the lists thing!! ;)
    i totally copied your 'fall to-do' list idea and its on the blog today!!

  4. nothing wrong with already being excited for the happiest time of the year!

  5. Thank you T! And thank you for making my birthday so freaking AWESOME!


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