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These Boots Were Made For Walkin'

I mentioned my struggle to find a pair of cute, brown riding boots. I've been on the hunt for years but always seemed to strike out. It was like Cinderella's slipper; too tight, too expensive, wrong color. Nothing was quite right (that sounds more like Goldie Locks). Most of my troubles seemed to stem from my chunky calves. It seemed like every pair I tried were just a smidgen short of zipping up all of the way. So frustrating, let me tell you!

Then I thought I had found the perfect solution. Nordstrom offered the Sam Edelman, 'Penny' boots in a wide calf, and they were affordable too! So of course, I ordered them right away.  Sadly, when they arrived, they were too big. Right after I zipped them up, the boot shaft would slide down and looked sloppy. So back to Nordstrom I went. This time, I tried on another pair I had seen online, which I liked and actually fit me. But I didn't love the color in person, and preferred the overall look of the Penny boot. So I asked the helpful sales lady if she thought they could stretch the Penny boots enough for the regular size to zip up. And to my surprise, she thought they could! To say I was happy was an understatement! At their suggestion, I left my new boots at Nordstrom for a week to be stretched. (Some people may only need a day or two, but I had about an inch to go before they zipped all the way). I was thrilled when I went to pick them up, now they fit perfectly! Once again, Nordstrom for the win! I love that place!

Hopefully this little bit of advice will be helpful to those ladies who also struggle finding boots that fit!

I wore them to run errands with Andrew on Sunday and break them in a bit. I love them! I know I'll get a ton of use out of them, riding boots are a closet staple living in San Francisco!


When we were out and about on Sunday, we stopped at Patagonia to enter a contest they have going on right now. They take your picture wearing Patagonia gear with a chalkboard that says why you love their products and how long you've been a fan. The prize is $500!! I hope one of us wins!

Here are the pictures of us, they're supposed to post them on the San Francisco Store's Instagram account, but I haven't seen them yet :(

Theresa                                                                                               Andrew
I love my Patagonia gear:                                                                  I love my Patagonia gear: 

Because I was born into a Patagonia loving family!                                            Built for Funhogging                      
I've Been a #patagoniafansince                                                           I've Been a #patagoniafansince
                                 Birth (1985)                                                                                                2008                                    


  1. Girl, you are speaking my language! I could live in my leggings and boots All. The. Time. I want them in all colors, but my brown ones are my favorite. Love yours too.

  2. you are the cutest!
    i love the wall you found to take your pictures in front of too!!
    happy fall and happy halloween:)

  3. Finding the perfect boot can be a challenge at times. So happy that Nordys came to the rescue! Aww I have the same top lol but I LOVE your Pat-vest ;] I just might have to convert from NF ;]

    p.s. I went into H&M the other day and they were pretty wiped out in the BOGO sweaters. The sales girl said they were flying out like hot cakes! Oh well, I still made out with some other fun times!

    Happy Halloween!!
    XO Barbie
    The Parlor Girl

  4. You're an OOTD pro now! And Andrew is such a great photographer. Sam doesn't get home early enough to take my photos. I love that wall with the beautiful pretty! And of course, I love the outfit and especially those boots, but that's not surprising. :)

  5. Ohh I posted about those Penny boots awhile back! They are so cute in person!

  6. I had no idea you could stretch boots! What a genius idea! Super cute. Hope you win the $500!

  7. I love a good fall outfit - especially one that involves riding boots! This one is great - I seriously need to think about investing in a puffer vest. Love yours!
    Nikki at


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