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Birthday Wish List

I don't know if it's the change in seasons, or maybe because my birthday is coming up at the end of the month, but I've been bitten by the shopping bug! Either way, I'm coveting a few things I've seen around the interwebs. So, I figured it couldn't hurt to compile a little list in case anyone was curious what things I have my eye on (hint hint, wink wink)! If you follow me on Pinterest, the majority of these items will look familiar...

Most of the items are clothes and accessories, but there are a few fun items for the home I've had my eye on too. Since I've started blogging I've found my love for food photography. I love the colorful bowls from Anthropologie and this marble pastry slab to use as props in photographs. And both Andrew and my previous roommates had this Cuisinart mixer set, which we used all the time. He makes amazing salsa, and I like to use it for pesto or various sauces when cooking. So, that's been on our "want" list for months now. The other items are just fun things I'd love to own, but don't necessarily need and can't justify buying for myself.

Talk about a random mix! That's what happens when I have time to kill online, the internet is a dangerous place! Thankfully, I've been resisting the "buy" button. For the most part, these items just hang out in my cart until they expire :)

Thank goodness it's Wednesday, this week is dragging on! 


  1. you HAVE to get the candle! my roommates have it... sooo good!! i also want that scarf

  2. Love this list! And how convenient that your bf reads your blog - that leaves no room for error :).

  3. Ooooh I'm loving your list! The more random it is? The better! That way there is a gift idea for EVERYONE ;)

  4. LOVE all of these goodies, especially that bag and all of those flannels!
    Give me your address girlfriend! I'd love to send you a little birthday something! :D

  5. request two of each please and then we can be twinning :)

  6. um.. whens your bday?!
    loving your wish list.. guess its time i come up with one too?! are we ever too old for a bday wish list?!

  7. This looks like a list I'd make... random!!! And I have to say, the NAKED palette is totally worth it! The candle too! And now I want those bracelets. :))


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