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Happy Birthday Andrew!

Today is Andrew's 28th Birthday!! This is the 3rd birthday we've celebrated together, and we've come a long way since that first one!

This has been one of the best years to date, for so many reasons, but mostly because we've started our life together here in San Francisco. There have been ups and downs, and adjustments to living together. But most of all, we've had a lot of fun! The past 9 months have flown by, it seems like we've been living here, in our cute apartment with Louis forever. Our life here in the city is comfortable, and feels right. Like its just where we're supposed to be right now.

On your birthday, I thought I'd share just a few of the reasons why I love you so much!

Sense of Adventure

I love that you have a sense of adventure and share my love of travel! This year, we've spent countless hours in the car together headed to Yosemite, San Diego, and Lake Tahoe to escape the city and go Funhogging! I'm so glad that we share the same desire to see the world and experience new things! 


You always make me laugh, even if I don't want to. My favorite memories from the past few months living together have been playing and being silly at home. You know how good I am at winding down ;-) And you're patient with me, even when it takes me five minutes to get your jokes, you wait. I think this was the first thing I loved about you, the way you can always make me laugh. 


While I'm more of a free spirit, you balance me out and keep me grounded with your practicality. I like that we have two different perspectives on things, and can learn from each other. 


I admire how hard you work, and how smart you are. I can always count on you to keep me updated and in the know! 


You're so kind and sweet to me. You're always so good about not only telling me you love me, but showing me as well. So I want you to know just how much I appreciate that! 


It means so much to me how supportive you've been, especially with blogging. You've been encouraging me from the beginning, and helping me become a successful blogger. I still can't quite believe you surprised me with the new camera so I could produce better images for posts. Your support and encouragement means the world to me, and I hope I can be just as supportive with everything that you do. 

Cheers to you on your birthday! I can't wait for our 28th year, and all the fun things ahead. Even though we're getting old, I know 28 will be the best year yet!

I love you!


  1. I hope this doesn't come across as too creepy but you guys are a ridiculously good-looking couple! Love the pictures.

  2. This is so sweet! Happy Birthday to Andrew!

  3. You always make me laugh, even if I don't want to. --- All I have to say is HA! Stupid boys making you laugh when you don't want to! Am I right? haha. Happy birthday to Andrew!

  4. What a keeper!
    This post was so sweet Theresa! I'm sure Andrew is going to love you EVEN more because of this post.
    Have fun celebrating friend! :)

  5. p.s. It takes me forever to get a lot of Sam's jokes too!

  6. love this- happy birthday andrew!!!

  7. This is such a lovely post Theresa! And happy BDay to your guy even if don't know him!

  8. I missed it! Hope he had an amazing birthday - and how sweet was thissssss? <3 it and you. etc, etc, etc...

    1. wow wrong account....grrr blogger.


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