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April Instagram & Blog Every Day In May Challenge

I can't believe tomorrow is May 1st. Another month come and gone. I suppose it's a sign of a fun-filled life when your days start to blur together. It doesn't look like there is any sign of things slowing down either. For the next two months, we have something planned almost every weekend. All fun things of course, but it's a bit overwhelming when we look at the calendar as a whole. We're hoping to squeeze in a quick camping trip one weekend. We just need to pick a campground and a weekend! Any recommendations? 

April seemed to just fly by. Thankfully, we were able to make it home for a quick visit so I could see my family and snuggle baby Phillip a bit. I'm really looking forward to this coming weekend. My sister, Josh and Phillip will be staying at our house after the Giants game Friday night. Then we'll get brunch and spend some time together on Saturday. I can't get enough of that little man!

Are you all as busy as I am? I guess that's what happens when the days get longer and the weather is nice. No complaints from me :) 

It's fun to take a look back at my Insta-Life each month to see what we've been up to...

Giants game opening weekend with my love

cheering on the Giants with my bestie Erica Bea

an evening run to the Marina with Louis to watch Andrew's softball game

the makings of pork mojo marinade

girls day at the ballpark

cocktails after a fun afternoon watching the Giants with the girls

my sweet nephew Phillip

yummy lettuce wraps for dinner

sake bombs and sushi with friends

feeling blue

enjoying the sunshine in the park for Off The Grid in the Presidio

inspirational quote to start my day

April was another amazing month filled with some of my favorite things! Here's to May and all the fun adventures ahead.

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Tomorrow I'll be joining Jenni over at Story of My Life for the "Blog Every Day In May Challenge!" She's put together a fun list of topics for everyone and I'm really excited to put my own spin on them. I've already been brainstorming some fun things to write about. I'm really looking forward to reading all of the other blogger's posts as well! I know this will be really challenging, sometimes it's hard enough to post 5 days a week. But I think this challenge will be great for me creatively, and best of all, it will be fun! And bonus, I'll get to know all of you a little more!

I hope you all had a wonderful day!




Off The Grid: Presidio Picnic

Hello my loves! How was your weekend? I can't believe it's already Monday. I had such a great weekend! It was jammed packed with fun, San Francisco activities. We even crossed off an item on my San Francisco Bucket List, I'd say it was a very successful weekend! 

Last week, Andrew sent me a link to an article about the Off The Grid event in the Presidio, it's a weekly picnic every Sunday happening now through October 27th. It's great because you can bring your dog, games, drinks, friends, and make a day out of it! The weather was going to be so beautiful this Sunday, so we knew it would be the perfect day to try it out. 

We rounded up a group of our friends and packed Corn Hole, Ladder Ball, Frisbee, and a full ice chest then headed for the park. We all had a great day enjoying the sunshine, music, bloody mary's,  mimosa's, beer and good food. 

It was a perfect San Francisco day. If you live in the city, or will be here sometime this summer, I definitely recommend stopping here on a sunny Sunday! I'd recommend bringing your own ice chest, they sell bloody mary and mimosa kits, but they're pricey. We had an ice chest filled with our favorite refreshments, then hit up the food trucks for lunch! It worked out great.
Unfortunately, I didn't read the article very carefully, and forgot sunscreen on my arms! I used to be so good about it, but I guess not that I live in the city, I'm used to a layer of fog between me and the sun! So suffice it to say, I got fried! I've been bathing in Aloe Vera ever since we got home yesterday. Lesson learned. 

Lounging in the sun with my favorites

Little miss Erica Bea aka Nannypology

We all agreed the tacos from Cholita Linda were amazing! Both fish and carnitas!

Louis was so happy that he got to come too, he loves the sun!

What did you do this weekend? SF friends, have you been to Off the Grid in the Presidio? Serena commented on my Instagram that she was there too! Next time we'll have to communicate better.  :) 




Answering Tough Questions

I  had a different post planned today, but after reading Erin's post this morning and then reading some of the other posts that linked up, I decided it would be fun to participate.

Most of these questions we've all thought about a little bit, but when you actually sit down to answer them, it was quite a challenge. It was fun to take a minute and think about each topic, each answer is tied to so many memories.  

1. If you could do one thing differently in your life, what would it be?
The first thing that came to mind was that I wish I had gone to Australia. When I was in 7th grade, I remember talking to my parents about possibly studying in Australia for a year. My Dad had just been there, and we had a family friend that lived there who I could stay with. I don't remember the details, or even if this was a realistic possibility, but I think it would have been a life changing experience. I do believe that everything happens for a reason. Even the poor choices I've made, have taught me important lessons that brought me to where I am today, and for that, I'm thankful.

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I always struggle with this question. I have no idea where I will be in 5 years. I'll be 32 by then, yikes! I guess my response would be, well traveled. I don't know where I'll be living, or what job I'll have, but by the time I reach the point of wanting to "settle down" I want to be able to look back and feel like I seized every opportunity I could, saw the world, and truly lived life to the fullest.

3. Do you honestly want kids?
Yes. I see myself with a family someday. However, I don't think that day is anytime soon. I am in no rush. I love having my little nephew, Phillip, to love on. And it has been fun to watch some of my best friends become Mothers as well. But I am not ready for that at this point in my life. Talk to me in a few years.

4. What has been the best moment of your life so far?
There have been so many good moments, I don't know how to pick one! Standing on top of Mt. Whitney was pretty amazing. Other memorable moments: Standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower, wine tasting in Tuscany, eating pasta with my best friend in Florence, Il Palio horse races in Siena, seeing my nephew minutes after he was born...there have been too many to count.

Top of Mt. Whitney

5. What is your life theme song?
Man, this is a tough one! I think it would have to be something from the 60's or 70's, I grew up on Classic Rock and those songs evoke the most nostalgic feelings for me. I can relate to the lyrics of so many songs I hear, so I think I would have to chose one that feels good, one that always makes me smile when I hear it play. So I'll go with Fleetwood Mac, Rhiannon. But, I once had to create a "Soundtrack of my Life" for a school project, and Red Dirt Road by Brooks & Dunn was on it, because that song definitely takes me back to high school, and growing up in a small foothills town. So I guess that one could work as well. Clearly, that question is impossible to answer, I can't pick just one song.

6. What is one thing you have yet to accomplish that you want to do before you die?
I really hope to learn more about photography. I love portraits and landscape photos equally, and love that a picture can capture a moment in time. I hope to be able to make time to learn more about camera settings, light, composition, and Photoshop, so that I can capture the beautiful moments in my own life.

7. If you could choose one thing to be known for, what would it be?
Being a good friend. My friends mean the world to me, and am proud of the fact that I have maintained so many close friendships throughout my life. When I moved to San Francisco it definitely became harder to keep in touch with my friends back home, but I try to stay connected and check in as much as possible. One of my of my goals for 2013 was to make an effort to be more connected, and make an effort to let my friends know just how important they are to me. I hope that sending a note in the mail, or a quick "hello" out of the blue when I'm thinking of them, will make them smile and know how much I value their friendship.

8. If you could do anything you wanted right in this very moment (no consequences, no fear, etc), what would it be?
I would quit my job, and travel. Andrew and I have so many places we want to travel, I think it would be so amazing to pick up, and just go. I think it would be impossible to regret something like that. I imagine it would completely enrich your life and give you a new perspective. I've looked into which is basically, working in trade for room and board. You can do this all over the world. Maybe a lavender farm in France, a winery in Tuscany, Bed & Breakfasts, the options are endless. A friend of mine did this in Italy and he said it was amazing. He "worked" a few hours a day by helping around the house and cooking, in exchange for a free place to stay and meals while he explored Tuscany. Sounds incredible.

9. What has been the most challenging moment in your life?
Finally deciding to move to San Francisco was a pretty tough decision. I felt like a lot of people weren't supportive of that choice at first. It was hard to shut out what everyone else was saying, and really listen to what I wanted. I am SO thankful I was able to do that, to follow my dream and move to the city. It has been such a fun, memorable year. I know that wherever I end up, I'll always be thankful for my years in this wonderful city.

10. Summarize yourself in one word.

Thanks to Erin over at Living in Yellow for the thought provoking questions!  Some of these questions were pretty challenging. It was fun really thinking about where I am in my life and where I hope to go. I sense an overall travel theme here, maybe that's something to think about...




Random Wednesday: Career Goals

After reading Stesha's post this morning over on Classic & Bubbly, then reading again about her dreams on Because Shanna Said So, I was inspired to think more about my dreams, and the things that I hope to accomplish professionally.

I feel like I am at an exciting time in my life. I am living in this amazing city, with my wonderful boyfriend, and on some level, feel totally content. But sometimes, I can't help but wonder about people I see, and how they seem so "together" with the perfect career, designer wardrobe, chic apartments, and the ability to travel the world. I wonder how they got to that point? What step did I miss along the way that has prevented me from reaching that level?

Sometimes there is so much pressure to live a certain lifestyle. To maintain a perfectly styled look, while at the same time appearing completely effortless, and uphold this higher standard of living. All of this, expected to happen in our twenties. Since I've moved to San Francisco, the pressure has increased exponentially. It's hard not to compare yourself to others, and wonder how they live up to these standards that can seem so impossible at times. When I think about what my parents were doing at my age, it seems as though there was a lot less pressure to be so established at this young age.

So, instead of dwelling on this, I've decided to be proactive. I thought it would help to outline what I envision in an ideal professional setting, this way I have something to work towards. And I will take the steps to get where I'd like to be, rather than comparing myself to others.

When I look back on my childhood, there were two things that I answered when asked: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I went through a period when my answer was, an architect. And most often, I would respond with, an artist. As I got older, I always said my dream job would be working for Sunset Magazine. I've watched friends and family who go to work every day and LOVE their job, it isn't work to them. Don't get me wrong, I am extremely thankful for my job and the wonderful benefits my office provides, but to me, it's just a job. Not something that I am passionate about.

When I think about the things I enjoy most in my life today, they are artistic and creative expressions of myself. I think this is why blogging has been such a great outlet for me, it has given me an opportunity to be creative.  

I saw this on Pinterest, and it really resonated with me. I would like to wake up every morning and look forward to going into work, and feel like I am making some sort of contribution. So, in true Theresa form, I thought I would make a list. These are the types of things I enjoy most, and would be a part of my "dream job."

* allows me to be creative
* work with others, possibly a team setting
* financial security
* feel like I am making a contribution
* incorporate home design (home decor, cooking, garden, architecture)
* related to travel
* planning
* outdoor/environment
* research
I thought this post was appropriate to link up to Shanna's Random Wednesday series. These are some things I've been thinking a lot about, and it feels good to get it off my chest and make a step towards a fulfilling career. The truth is, I don't know exactly what my "dream job" is, but at least now I know what some aspects of that job might entail.

Have you found your dream job? Or do you know what that is? If so, what are you doing to work towards achieving it?

Thanks for listening to my random thoughts, any advice is welcome.




Walker River Resort

The other night I was playing on my computer and stumbled across the photos from our camping trip to the Walker River Resort last Labor Day weekend. It was such a fun weekend spent with family. My sister and brother in law have joined my cousin and her husband's family for the past 3 or 4 years on this trip. My first time joining them was in 2011, and it was a blast. Last year, Andrew was able to drive up from San Diego and meet us for all of the fun.

I don't know if I would really consider this a camping trip, since we sleep in my sisters mega 5th wheel trailer, a different kind of camping I guess.

The Walker River Resort is an RV Campground along the Walker River in Nevada. Most people go for a weekend of fun with ATV's, but there are many other fun activities as well.

There's a "park" near the camp ground where my cousins go down and do jumps and ride their dirt bikes throughout the day. As well as a pool, shooting range, and the river for swimming and fishing.

Usually one day, the entire group gets together for a longer ride. This year, we were on the lookout for a ghost town that we thought was nearby.

The whole gang before we left for our ride
Ready to go! Maybe a little nervous too...

Me and Sister

Since my sister was pregnant with Phillip this year, she stayed back at camp and relaxed by the pool while the rest of us went out for a ride.  This worked out well because Andrew was able to ride her quad, and Josh borrowed a friends for me to ride. Since this was my second year going, I was much more comfortable riding this time around.

We set off in the morning after breakfast in search of the ghost town. We had the camp host point it out on the map, so we were confident we knew where we were going.

Pit stop for a cold beverage
Me and Josh, my brother in law
Brendan and I
My cousin, Colleen and I with dirt mustaches 

After a few hours of riding, we made it to the ghost town. It wasn't much of a town, but still pretty cool to see. We stopped there for lunch to eat in one of the abandon buildings and get out of the heat for a bit.

I didn't even write that! And it's even spelled with an "h"

Since it was starting to get late, we thought we'd take a different route home, since the ride there was longer than we anticipated. One of the guys thought that we could meet up with a trail we had ridden the previous year, so we all got our gear on and headed back for camp. We saw another abandon building a couple miles up, so of course we stopped there to explore. After a few pictures, we were off!

Unfortunately, the trip home wasn't quite as simple as we had hoped!

Luckily, we were with very experienced riders, who were familiar with these trails. My cousin and Josh would ride ahead and scope the trail, then come back and get the rest of the group once they knew it was the right direction and that the trail was wide enough for the larger quads and ranger.

At least we had beautiful scenery when we were lost!

What was originally supposed to be a 20-30 mile ride, turned into a 63 mile, all day adventure that included flat tires, running out of gas (we had to siphon gas from my quad), and generally not knowing where the heck we were! 

Syphoning gas and putting air in the tire!

Finally, we made it back to camp, tired, hungry, and ready for a beer (and a shower, clearly)! It was a long day, but it made for fun memories and a great story.

I love my family and all of the crazy adventures we have together! Thankfully Andrew had a great time too and is ready to go back again this year :)




Girls Day at the Ballpark

I feel like every weekend keeps going by faster and faster. It just doesn't seem fair. I'm in favor of 4 day work weeks, who's with me? Just one extra day on the weekends would make a huge difference!

Okay, I'll stop complaining now! 

Love These Ladies!

Yesterday, my friend Erica invited us to the Giants game for a girls day at the ballpark. Erica, Kristin, Kayla and myself had a blast at the game.

It could not have been a more perfect afternoon for baseball. It was at least 75* and clear blue skies. I didn't even think to put sunscreen on, besides my face of course, so I'm rockin' a pretty awesome farmers tan. My pale San Francisco skin isn't used to the sun anymore! 

It was such a fun day. We met early at our favorite, hidden, restaurant and enjoyed a mimosa out on the patio. Then we headed to the ballpark for the game.

My fav, Hunter Pence workin' it in right field

We were playing the Padres, so I especially wanted a win, since Andrew is a Padres wish was granted, we swept them 3-0 in the series! AND we got to see Buster Posey hit his first Home Run of the season! Couldn't have been better! 

It was the perfect day. I've been feeling like I haven't been spending enough time with my girlfriends lately. We've been so busy on weekends, and now that Bachelor Season is over, we don't have our weekly Wine & Bachelor nights as an excuse to hang out and visit.  So it was especially fun to spend the day with them, having a few beers, laughing, and enjoying the sunshine. We've been friends for over ten years, and  I'm so lucky to have them here in the city with me.

Thanks for the Instagram pic, Bea !
Thanks for the Instagram pic, Bea !

I hope you all had an amazing weekend as well! Let's hope this beautiful weather is here to stay.


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