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Go Climb A Rock: Tuolumne Meadows

I've been lucky enough to have parents who love the outdoors. I spent much of my childhood camping and hiking through many National Parks, most frequently, Yosemite National Park.

Every year that I can remember, we've gone to Yosemite Valley, or Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park. I think when I was much younger, we spent more time in the valley. Maybe that is because there are more "kid friendly" activity's. 

My Dad would go off rock climbing with one of his many climbing buddies, and my mom would take my sister and I on walks through the meadow, to the Indian caves, and my favorite, the school playground. I think there was some type of agreement that we'd have to get a hike in first, before she'd agree to take us there. 

Sometimes, though, my Dad would bring us along for the rock climbing adventures. I am not sure how old I was the first time I went, young enough that I don't remember exactly. There's a picture of my sister climbing at maybe 5 or 6 years old, so I'd imagine I was about that age as well.

My first memory rock climbing was not in Yosemite, and it's not a particularly good memory either. Let's just say it involved a massively-sized dragonfly and being dragged up the face of a rock mid-tantrum. But we'll save that story for another day...

Luckily, since then, there have been many, many amazing memories rock climbing in both Tuolumne Meadows and Yosemite Valley. I'd say some of my favorite childhood memories are from these trips. 

As you can see, being outdoors, climbing and hiking, is in my blood. And I am especially fond of the geology and landscape that makes up Yosemite National Park. I feel very blessed that as a Californian, it's in my backyard, and that I've been able to spend so much time taking in the beautiful scenery.

Last summer, Andrew was able to join me in Tuolumne Meadows for a long weekend with my parents and cousins. I hadn't been climbing in a couple years, and I knew it was something Andrew would love, so I was eager to have my Dad take us for a day. My cousins have also become quite fond of the sport after a few trips with my Dad in previous years. 

We found a spot on The Bunny Slope that would be easy for everyone to get a few pitches in. While my cousins, Jason and Brendan were climbing, Andrew and I sat with my Mom and watched and relaxed in the sun. When it was our turn, I think we were both a little nervous. Andrew, since this was his first outdoor climbing experience. And me, since I hadn't been in a few years.

We both ended up having such a great day. We were able to get in about 3 or 4 pitches. I was surprised how comfortable I was on the rock. I was worried I may be fearful of heights, or get nervous midway, but I was totally at ease and had so much fun. Andrew really enjoyed it as well. He's very athletic, and once he got over the initial nerves of never having been before, he was quite speedy and graceful as he climbed.



The best part was spending that time with my Dad. It was really fun, and important for me that he had the opportunity to spend some time with Andrew and get to know him a little better.

I am already looking forward to our annual camping trip later this summer in Tuolumne Meadows. I'm hoping we'll be able to get on The Great White Book, it's a climb that I've been wanting to do as long as I remember. 

Have you ever been rock climbing? Either outdoors or at a climbing gym?

Maybe my Dad will do a guest post about his experiences rock climbing sometime...




  1. Gosh that looks amazing! I've never been rock climbing, but like you I spent many, many summers in YNP! My mom is passionately in love with Yosemite so I've been there more times than I can count! We're big backpackers, spending 3-5 days in the backcountry is our thing!

    1. Hi! I am so glad you stopped by :) I grew up hiking and backpacking as well, I love it! YNP is my favorite, especially Tuolumne.

      I jumped over to Day to Day Beauty, and it looks like we may be from the same area in Northern CA! It's so beautiful there. I recently moved to San Francisco, but I go home to visit my family often.

      Hope you're having a great day.

  2. Found your blog through your comment on Bella. Love your blog! Her post and this post of yours reminded how much I've missed climbing since I haven't gone in like three months. So thank you for that! haha :)


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