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Girls Day at the Ballpark

I feel like every weekend keeps going by faster and faster. It just doesn't seem fair. I'm in favor of 4 day work weeks, who's with me? Just one extra day on the weekends would make a huge difference!

Okay, I'll stop complaining now! 

Love These Ladies!

Yesterday, my friend Erica invited us to the Giants game for a girls day at the ballpark. Erica, Kristin, Kayla and myself had a blast at the game.

It could not have been a more perfect afternoon for baseball. It was at least 75* and clear blue skies. I didn't even think to put sunscreen on, besides my face of course, so I'm rockin' a pretty awesome farmers tan. My pale San Francisco skin isn't used to the sun anymore! 

It was such a fun day. We met early at our favorite, hidden, restaurant and enjoyed a mimosa out on the patio. Then we headed to the ballpark for the game.

My fav, Hunter Pence workin' it in right field

We were playing the Padres, so I especially wanted a win, since Andrew is a Padres wish was granted, we swept them 3-0 in the series! AND we got to see Buster Posey hit his first Home Run of the season! Couldn't have been better! 

It was the perfect day. I've been feeling like I haven't been spending enough time with my girlfriends lately. We've been so busy on weekends, and now that Bachelor Season is over, we don't have our weekly Wine & Bachelor nights as an excuse to hang out and visit.  So it was especially fun to spend the day with them, having a few beers, laughing, and enjoying the sunshine. We've been friends for over ten years, and  I'm so lucky to have them here in the city with me.

Thanks for the Instagram pic, Bea !
Thanks for the Instagram pic, Bea !

I hope you all had an amazing weekend as well! Let's hope this beautiful weather is here to stay.




  1. shorts at the ballpark!! omg you guys must be having incredible weather!!

    1. It was such a beautiful day! Once of those perfect San Francisco weekends. But of course, the fog has rolled back in...

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  3. AT&T Park is probably my favorite baseball stadium. Right on the water...I fell in love when I went on a tour there a couple years ago.

    And a baseball with your girl friends? THE BEST!

    1. I LOVE AT&T Park! I haven't been to another stadium, but I imagine that it would be hard to beat the atmosphere of a Giants game in SF!

      I hope you had a great weekend!


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