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Off The Grid: Presidio Picnic

Hello my loves! How was your weekend? I can't believe it's already Monday. I had such a great weekend! It was jammed packed with fun, San Francisco activities. We even crossed off an item on my San Francisco Bucket List, I'd say it was a very successful weekend! 

Last week, Andrew sent me a link to an article about the Off The Grid event in the Presidio, it's a weekly picnic every Sunday happening now through October 27th. It's great because you can bring your dog, games, drinks, friends, and make a day out of it! The weather was going to be so beautiful this Sunday, so we knew it would be the perfect day to try it out. 

We rounded up a group of our friends and packed Corn Hole, Ladder Ball, Frisbee, and a full ice chest then headed for the park. We all had a great day enjoying the sunshine, music, bloody mary's,  mimosa's, beer and good food. 

It was a perfect San Francisco day. If you live in the city, or will be here sometime this summer, I definitely recommend stopping here on a sunny Sunday! I'd recommend bringing your own ice chest, they sell bloody mary and mimosa kits, but they're pricey. We had an ice chest filled with our favorite refreshments, then hit up the food trucks for lunch! It worked out great.
Unfortunately, I didn't read the article very carefully, and forgot sunscreen on my arms! I used to be so good about it, but I guess not that I live in the city, I'm used to a layer of fog between me and the sun! So suffice it to say, I got fried! I've been bathing in Aloe Vera ever since we got home yesterday. Lesson learned. 

Lounging in the sun with my favorites

Little miss Erica Bea aka Nannypology

We all agreed the tacos from Cholita Linda were amazing! Both fish and carnitas!

Louis was so happy that he got to come too, he loves the sun!

What did you do this weekend? SF friends, have you been to Off the Grid in the Presidio? Serena commented on my Instagram that she was there too! Next time we'll have to communicate better.  :) 




  1. So fun! Thanks for suggesting it!

  2. I was there too - it was awesome. Unfortunately I also missed the memo on sunscreen and now I'm a tomato! :(

    1. It was so fun! I loved being able to be outside and have a glimpse of summer (minus the sunburn) time we'll have to meet up for a drink!

  3. i was there too! we didn't know off the grid was going to be there so we brought food and had a picnic. love the presidio!

  4. I was there too with Serena! It was such a beautiful fun day!! We will all have to plan to meet up next time!!

  5. I wish I lived there now because this looked like a blast!


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