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Walker River Resort

The other night I was playing on my computer and stumbled across the photos from our camping trip to the Walker River Resort last Labor Day weekend. It was such a fun weekend spent with family. My sister and brother in law have joined my cousin and her husband's family for the past 3 or 4 years on this trip. My first time joining them was in 2011, and it was a blast. Last year, Andrew was able to drive up from San Diego and meet us for all of the fun.

I don't know if I would really consider this a camping trip, since we sleep in my sisters mega 5th wheel trailer, a different kind of camping I guess.

The Walker River Resort is an RV Campground along the Walker River in Nevada. Most people go for a weekend of fun with ATV's, but there are many other fun activities as well.

There's a "park" near the camp ground where my cousins go down and do jumps and ride their dirt bikes throughout the day. As well as a pool, shooting range, and the river for swimming and fishing.

Usually one day, the entire group gets together for a longer ride. This year, we were on the lookout for a ghost town that we thought was nearby.

The whole gang before we left for our ride
Ready to go! Maybe a little nervous too...

Me and Sister

Since my sister was pregnant with Phillip this year, she stayed back at camp and relaxed by the pool while the rest of us went out for a ride.  This worked out well because Andrew was able to ride her quad, and Josh borrowed a friends for me to ride. Since this was my second year going, I was much more comfortable riding this time around.

We set off in the morning after breakfast in search of the ghost town. We had the camp host point it out on the map, so we were confident we knew where we were going.

Pit stop for a cold beverage
Me and Josh, my brother in law
Brendan and I
My cousin, Colleen and I with dirt mustaches 

After a few hours of riding, we made it to the ghost town. It wasn't much of a town, but still pretty cool to see. We stopped there for lunch to eat in one of the abandon buildings and get out of the heat for a bit.

I didn't even write that! And it's even spelled with an "h"

Since it was starting to get late, we thought we'd take a different route home, since the ride there was longer than we anticipated. One of the guys thought that we could meet up with a trail we had ridden the previous year, so we all got our gear on and headed back for camp. We saw another abandon building a couple miles up, so of course we stopped there to explore. After a few pictures, we were off!

Unfortunately, the trip home wasn't quite as simple as we had hoped!

Luckily, we were with very experienced riders, who were familiar with these trails. My cousin and Josh would ride ahead and scope the trail, then come back and get the rest of the group once they knew it was the right direction and that the trail was wide enough for the larger quads and ranger.

At least we had beautiful scenery when we were lost!

What was originally supposed to be a 20-30 mile ride, turned into a 63 mile, all day adventure that included flat tires, running out of gas (we had to siphon gas from my quad), and generally not knowing where the heck we were! 

Syphoning gas and putting air in the tire!

Finally, we made it back to camp, tired, hungry, and ready for a beer (and a shower, clearly)! It was a long day, but it made for fun memories and a great story.

I love my family and all of the crazy adventures we have together! Thankfully Andrew had a great time too and is ready to go back again this year :)



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