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A Costume Collection - Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

As you might have guessed from my themed birthday party, I love costumes and dressing up! I especially love trying to think of creative things I can make on my own, rather than buying pre-made costumes. I thought it would be fun to take a look back on some of the costumes I've worn in the past. Since it was pre-blogging, you'll have to excuse the poor picture quality. Sadly, I don't have any pictures of some of my favorite costumes. In 2006 I did Moulin Rouge with my college roommates, in 2007 I was a Playboy Bunny and in 2008 I was a magician, complete with a top hat and little white bunny rabbit!

Halloween 2009
My mom helped me sew peacock feathers onto a turquoise corset, I wore it with a black tutu, and made a mask to go with it. (I don't have a picture of the mask, you can see I'm holding it in the picture above).

This wasn't actually Halloween, it was my friends birthday in early October and she threw a Oktoberfest theme party. So naturally, we all went all out with costumes!

Breakfast at Tiffany's
This was the beginning of my San Francisco Halloween tradition, when I knew I wanted to live here but hadn't moved yet. We dressed up on Friday and Saturday for various party's in the city. 
Peacock 2.0
This was my second year as a peacock, but I mixed it up a bit. I borrowed the tail from a friend, who glued peacock feathers to a paper fan (genius). I then covered the back of the fan in black feathers, so it was more full. I wore it with a black corset, a tutu and tights.
Black Swan
I pinned feathers to the side of my black corset (that I've now used for 3 different costumes) and my friend did my drastic eye makeup. I also wore a black tutu with feathers attached to the top, white tights and ballet flats. 
1920's Flapper
This was one of the only store bought costumes I've worn. It was a simple black flapper dress that came with pearls and a feather headband. I wore it with black gloves and tights. 
We were too worried about watching the Giants win the world series to dress up!

It's fun to look back and see all of these pictures in one place! So many fun memories with my friends here in San Francisco.

It sounds like people have mixed feelings about Halloween. Do you like dressing up?


  1. Such fun costumes!! I really like that you try to do as much on your own as possible, instead of just buying another costume. I can't even remember the last time I dressed up for Halloween! What a grandma! ;)

  2. you are too creative with your costumes!! i'm not big on dressing up ever... so hats off to you!!!

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  5. Oh man! You have the best costumes! I seriously am the worst about dressing up. I don't hate it, but I don't care enough to reeeeally get into it.


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