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Never Have I Ever...

I thought this was such a fun post topic that Amanda came up with, I knew I wanted to participate in her link up!

Of course we all remember the old game, Never Have I Ever. I remember playing with my girlfriends in high school, and typically I always lost (or won?) because I am such a rule follower, and didn't get into much trouble.

Originally I planned to do a travel/adventure edition of Never Have I Ever, but then I decided it would be more fun to use more traditional answers. So here it goes...

I've never been skydiving
I've always wanted to, but I am a total chicken at the same time. It's definitely on my bucket list to try someday. And when I do, you can bet it's going to be somewhere beautiful like Hawaii! 

Extended Travel Abroad
I've always wanted to live abroad for at least a few months. Before my best friend and I went to Italy for 3 weeks back in 2010, I discovered an awesome website called Work Away. Basically you get free room and board in exchange for 5 hours of work per day. So you can work on a lavender farm in France, make olive oil in Italy, work at a B&B or at a yoga retreat, literally anything you want anywhere in the world. I recommended it to a friend of mine, and did a work away in Tuscany for a few weeks. He helped with some building and cooking, working a few hours a week in exchange for meals, housing, and living in a charming Tuscan town. Sounds incredible! I hope I can make this happen someday...please, Andrew?

Broken a Bone
This was a popular one. Although I've had knee surgery, I've never had any other major injuries or broken any bones! I've pretty clumsy too, so I must have strong bones! Probably all that cheese I eat, good calcium ;-) 

Lived Alone
Since leaving home for college, I've always had roommates. When I moved to San Francisco I considered living alone, but since it was a new city, I felt like I'd be more comfortable with roommates. It's also REALLY expensive to live alone in the city. This is a bit of a regret for me, because I think I would have learned a lot about myself, and had a lot of fun living on my own and being truly independent. But, then I wouldn't have the amazing apartment Andrew and I now live in, so everything happens for a reason. 

Gotten a Tattoo
I used to think I wanted one, but the truth is I am way too indecisive to pick something I want on my body FOREVER. Andrew has one, which I really like, but I've just never felt the need to get inked! 

TP'd a House
I feel like I missed a childhood right of passage on this one. But I was just too afraid of being caught and getting in trouble. I remember at a friends birthday party in high school, a big group of girls left to go TP a neighbor, and I stayed home. What a chicken! I totally regret this :( 

This was fun! I loved reading everyone's posts today :) Thanks for having us, Amanda! 


  1. So funny! Broken a bone and tattoo was a popular one. Honestly, I can't remember ever TPing anyone, but surely I did... I might have to ask my brothers about that. As for living alone, I lived alone for 3 years from when I moved to Oklahoma and when Jordan and I got married. It was a great experience I was glad to have, but obviously you can't really change your life circumstances if it doesn't work out. Thanks for linking up! This was so interesting and fun.

  2. You never TP'd??? Where were you all those times? ha!

  3. Loved this post! What a fun idea!
    I've never even heard of the Work Away cool is that?! It sounds too good to be true! And I feel the same way about tattoos. Knowing myself, I'd probably hate it after a year or so. I change my mind too often to get something that permanent!

  4. I have never broken a bone or lived alone either! My friend did a work away in Cape Town at a vineyard!

  5. i've never tp'd a house either! i've hear about that workaway website. going to look at it now for summers options!


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