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Bedroom Inspiration

Currently, our bedroom is very boring. The paint color is about the only thing I like in it. Well that, and the two walk in closets! Let's just say it has good bones, but the furniture is all hand me downs. Some of which I actually love, but everything is dated and needs a little refresher.

Lately, I've gotten an itch to make our house feel more like home. I've lived in this apartment for nearly two years now, with Andrew for the past 9 months. Before Andrew moved in, it didn't feel like my apartment, just a room I rented out. I didn't have any desire to decorate or make it my own. Now that it's Andrew and my first home together, I really want to personalize it and put our stamp on it. 

Our bedroom is the least decorated room in the house, and is just plain ugly. So of course, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. Our walls are a lovely shade of grey, so I used that as a starting point. Also, I don't want it to be too feminine, just a neutral color palette that we'll both. The makeover budget is practically non-existent so it's going to take some time to accomplish the look I want. Which is okay by me. I also plan to put in a little elbow grease to add life to our current furniture, and possibly supplement with a few affordable pieces.  The one thing I would like to save up for is a new headboard. 

true story: I was driving in the city this weekend and saw an old headboard sitting on the corner with a "free" sign attached to it. If I would have had Andrew's car I would have probably taken it home with me. It had the perfect shape, and with some new fabric, it would have been good as new. But, it's probably best I didn't bring any SF street creatures that were hiding in it back to live in our house! 

I narrowed down my favorite looks I've found on Pinterest as inspiration. Now it's time to search for good deals and find key elements that will help me create this look on a teeny tiny budget! 

I'll keep you updated on progress as I move along in the decorating process. Now excuse me while I go window shopping online for headboards, bedding and accessories!


  1. I love tufted headboards, you have a great eye! :)

  2. you have 2 walk in closets??????????? #$%Y^R%$##$% what neighborhood do you live in?????

  3. I want a headboard so bad, pretty much like the one in the first photo.
    Sometimes I love Pinterest, and sometimes I don't. It gives me great ideas, but it also reminds me that I'm not made of money.

  4. we just moved into a new place and i want to decorate so badly. pinterest has me getting a little ahead of myself.... love the headboards!!!

  5. I'm loving your inspiration photos! I just did a post on my diy headboard today. It doesn't look nearly as good as those though ha!

  6. cant wait to see before and after pictures!!!
    love me some good gray neutrals:)


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