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A Wedding & A Story

This weekend we went to the wedding of one of my very closest friends from college. Devin was one of the first people I met at Sonoma State University. And he has become one of my very closest friends over the past ten (we're old!!) years......

I can clearly remember arriving to the Sonoma State campus in the summer of 2003, freshly graduated from High School. I was so nervous, and didn't know what to expect. As my mom and I drove into the parking lot, we noticed there were less cars than we expected. As we walked on to campus, we saw another girl with her mom, and asked if they knew where we should go. They had just learned we needed to drive to a different area of campus, and to follow them. Little did I know, that chance encounter would end up shaping the course of my four years at SSU.

Being as shy as I am, Casey was the perfect person for me to meet that morning. She's very outgoing, and was my "wing man" during orientation. Shortly after the orientation program began, we were separated into smaller groups, where Casey met Devin. Later that day, she introduced us. The three of us became instant friends, and I knew they were friendships that would last a lifetime. We spent the weekend of orientation getting to know each other, and continued emailing over the summer leading up to the start of our Freshman year. It was so nice moving into the dorms that August knowing that I already had two close friends there with me.

Over the years we went to Giants games together, saw Phantom of the Opera in the San Francisco, went to at least five State Radio concerts, and spent countless hours together in C2 (Devin's dorm) making a lifetime of memories. I'm so thankful that Casey and Devin are a part of my life and that I was able to be a part of Devin's special day on Saturday. It was so fun to have so many college friends together again, celebrating with Devin and Marianne. It was a beautiful wedding at Cavallo Point in Sausalito. And the weather couldn't have been more beautiful, warm and no fog in sight.

Congratulations to Devin & Marianne!

For the wedding, my friend Erica was kind enough to let me borrow her amazing dress! I LOVED this dress when she bought it for a wedding she attended last year, and I was so happy she was generous enough to let me borrow it. I love the gold and black combination, and the detail on the bodice is my favorite part! 

Dress c/o Erica's Closet: Rachel Roy // Clutch: vintage ($1.50 at Goodwill in college!) // Shoes: Kelsei Dagger

And just for fun, here is a trip down memory lane! A few of my favorite photos from our college days!

Casey and I moving into the dorms // and ten years later!! 
My favorite picture of Devin and I - 2005
Giants - 2004
Phantom of the Opera - 2003
Casey's Wedding in 2009
Casey and I // Devin and I // Marianne (Devin's now wife!) and I 


  1. You're so so welcome for the dress! Always awesome when those special occasion dresses get extra wears ;)
    Those old pics of you are so funny! Hard to believe we were ever that young!

  2. Great pics and I LOVE your dress!!!

  3. you dress!!! amazing! and that wedding venue view!

  4. Um, can you say GORGEOUS?!?! That dress looks ridiculously good on you Theresa! It's so pretty!
    LOVED the story of your friendships with Casey and Devin too. Those kinds of friendships are so awesome and SO hard to come by nowadays. Glad you had a good time!

    ps: great outfit photos too ;)

  5. you look gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your story and such great pics of you!!

  6. how fun! those kind of weddings are the best! i LOOOVE that dress, esp how swooshy the bottom is!!

  7. yay for finding your people!!! ps. love the dress :)

  8. Cavallo Point is gorgeous! What an awesome location to get married! And love the dress!

  9. Your dress is just gorgeous. It's so elegant and unique! Love!!!

  10. That is a great dress! And I love the 'remember when' photos!
    Want to follow each other?
    I also host a weekly link up. I'd love if you want to join!

  11. You look beautiful!! I love weddings!!!



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