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You're Making Me Cringe

Happy Friday! This week actually flew by pretty quickly. But I am so glad the weekend is here. Tonight, my sister, her husband and my nephew are coming down to go to the Giants game and stay the night with us. I can't wait to see them and spend some time together.

The weather in San Francisco has been unreal this week. Just beautiful. Unfortunately for most people, this perfect weather fell right in the middle of the work week. I think this article pretty much sums up how most San Franciscan's feel about it.

Today is the 3rd day of The Challenge, and the prompt was things that make you uncomfortable. Who knew there were so many things that make me cringe?

1.) Couples Fighting
            I know it's part of relationships, and no one is perfect. But it makes me really uncomfortable when couples fight in public. Or even worse, if you're with a couple and they start fighting.

2. ) Watching Sex Scenes in Movies with my Parents
I don't watch many movies with my parents these days, but that was always the worst part. All I could think was, next scene, next scene, next scene!!

3.) When people have conversations in the bathroom stall
            I don't know why this makes me so uncomfortable, it seems to be the norm in the ladies room. But why are you trying to have a conversation while you pee? Can't it wait 1 minute until you're done?

4.) When People talk on the phone in the bathroom
            I guess this goes hand in hand with #3. But there is a woman in my office building who uses her Bluetooth in the bathroom and it drives me nuts. Even when other people in there. She has full blown conversations while she pees, flushes, does her makeup, you name it. At least she washes her hands before she leaves. I'll give her that.

5.) Invading my personal space
I've noticed this a lot more living in the city, but why do people feel the need to get right up in your face when they talk to you? If you stand back 2 feet, I'll still be able to hear you. If there is a seat open on the bus with no one nearby, why do you sit right next to me? I was getting drinks with girlfriends the other day, and this guy sat down maybe 5 inches from me. I pushed his stool down when he went to the bathroom.

6.) Talking Politics
            This doesn't really make sense, seeing as my Bachelors Degree is in Political Science. But I really dislike confrontation, and unless you know the people you're talking to agree with you on all points, things are bound to get uncomfortable. Also, why do people insist on using Facebook as a platform for political debates? I don't like it.

7.) Crowds in Small Spaces
            Apparently I am a little claustrophobic. I get so nervous being in a crowded space with no exit. Elevators are the worst, I'd rather wait for the next one or take the stairs then try an cram too many people inside.

8.) Meeting new people
            I am a pretty shy person. When I first meet someone I'm usually very quiet and nervous. Or sometimes (usually after a glass or two of wine) when I first meet someone, the opposite happens and I can't shut up. And I usually say something embarrassing. Either one is awkward and uncomfortable for both parties involved.

9.) Change
            I don't handle change very well and I get nervous about the unknown. I know they say change is the only constant, but I try my hardest to avoid it whenever possible.  

10.) Karaoke
            Not happening. I get antsy just thinking about it. But, I'm happy to go listen to anyone else sing their heart out! :)

I can't wait to read about what makes other people uncomfortable!


In other exciting news, today From Foothills to Fog is being featured as one of the Friday Five with Amy and Amber! I was so excited when I got their email yesterday letting me know my chair reupholstery post would be featured. It means a lot to have been selected with the other four amazing bloggers! Be sure to head on over to Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins and Face it Catalog and meet all of the other lovely ladies who linked up.   

I hope everyone has a great weekend!





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  2. Recently found your blog, and I love reading it. I can't wait to read more about you!

  3. Couples fighting in public is soooo uncomfortable! I didn't even think of that when I was writing my post, but it definitely bugs me too!!

    Great list! You came up with some creative ones that I didn't even think of!

  4. Who can handle sex scenes with your parents in the room?! Kissing was bad enough as a kid, and now this! I hear ya on number 9 too. I'm actually pretty good at meeting new people, but often feel uncomfortable that I'm not talking enough or talking too much or saying the wrong thing. It's ridiculous and I need to stop, but it's so dang hard! I actually wrote about going into bigger groups on my blog here:

    And I love, love, love San Fran so am going to be snooping around your blog a bit more for sure! Excited to follow along this month. :)

  5. omg your #3 and #4 are amazing. YES and YES. no talking to anyone in the bathroom, especially not someone who isn't even in the bathroom with you!

  6. There have been so many times recently where I've been in a public bathroom and someone is on their CELL PHONE while in the stall. It's so gross and it's so awkward. I hate it.

    My husband's best friend is dating a girl who picks a fight with EVERYTHING. Every time we're with them, they always get in an argument/fight and it's getting so old and annoying. We keep telling him to move on!


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