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Really!?! Noisy Neighbors

Day 22Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel. 

I decided today would be the perfect day to vent to you all about our noisy neighbors with an early edition of the Weekend Update!

Really!?! Noisy Neighbor, you're going to rearrange the furniture every night when you get home? Really!?!

Really!?! Noisy Neighbor, you're going to BLAST your 90's jams at 3:00am? Really!?!

Really!?! Noisy Neighbor, you're going to go at it, and loudly, at 1:00am and 5:00am Every.Single.Day? I mean really, I'm glad you have a healthy relationship and all, but really!?!

Really!?! Noisy Neighbor, are you doing laps up there? It sounds like you're running in circles above our head while we're trying to go to sleep! I mean, really!?!

Really!?! Noisy Neighbor,  do you really need to have a screaming match for all the neighbors to hear? If he shouldn't be telling "that fat *&@(%! your problems" I don't think you should be telling us either! I mean, really!?!

I realize that we live in San Francisco, and old apartment buildings have minimal insulation and I'm sure the hard wood floors don't help the situation. I absolutely love our apartment, don't get me wrong. And we don't want to leave any time soon, so it's worth putting up with the noise. But, really!?!

Clearly Andrew and his love for SNL is rubbing off on me :)




  1. hahaha I can sympathize. I have a neighbor in the house across the street that insists on blasting his music when he pulls into the cul de sac. I hate it!! no manners. lol

  2. our sf upstairs neighbors are a bunch of boys and our good friends so yes we definitely know what they're doing up there and we can just open their door and yell at them if they're walking to loudly hahah. ahhh can't wait to move back!


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