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Day In The Life

Day 15: Day In the Life - I am pretty proud of myself for sticking with the challenge so far. It's been really fun and I've already met so many great, new bloggers! I love reading all the different posts every day. 

Clearly it's time for a new camera...these iPhone photos are pretty bad. My apologies!

6:15am           Alarm Goes Off - Hit snooze as fast as possible

6:40am          Finally crawl out of bed at into the shower I go

7:30am          Finished getting ready and out the door to work

8:00am          Coffee!

9:00am          Work Work Work.

10:00am        Usually I take a break late morning for breakfast. I try to eat earlier but the mornings are always the busiest part of my day. My go-to breakfast is greek yogurt, fresh fruit, with a little Go Lean cereal on top for some crunch.

12:00noon    Lunchtime! I am so lucky that my office provides such a delicious lunch everyday. And healthy too!

1:00pm          Back to Work.

2:00pm          Tea Time. Usually in the afternoon I'll take a break and make some tea. Sometimes I'll walk down to Walgreens or run errands if I need some fresh air.

5:00pm          Time to go Home!

***                  You can bet there are some breaks throughout the day for blog reading/commenting :) shhhh...
***                  It depends on the day as to what I do after work. I've been really bad about going to the gym these past two weeks (hanging head in shame). But on Wednesday nights there is a late Spin class I like to go to, and I was playing in a grass volleyball league that just ended. Most nights I go home after work and Andrew and I walk Louis then make dinner together and watch TV. We're old and boring like that, but I like it.

10:00pm        Usually I am in bed around this time, sometimes a little later. If I'm trying to get up for the gym in the morning I pack up my gym bag and try to get to sleep by 10:30pm at the latest.

My day to day life seems pretty boring when you break it down hour by hour, but I have a pretty great life here in the city. We seem to keep our week nights pretty low key and our weekends jam packed with fun activities.

This week has been so busy getting ready for the weekend. Andrew's Mom, Grandpa and family friend are coming into town for his sisters graduation from USF. It's our first time hosting them so I've been busy getting the house together and cleaning. The plus side, our house has never looked so good. I used this as an excuse to find a home for some things that have been hiding out in the dining room, and to make our place feel a little more lived in.

So there you have it. A slightly boring look into my daily routine.




  1. all of our daily routines seem boring when written out, but I am sure different things happen throughout the day that make it more exciting!

    having guests is totally the best way to get your apartment clean! have fun hosting!

  2. Sounds like a good day! Plus, like you said, your weekends are packed... so it sounds like a nice balance! :)

  3. you are out the door before i even wake up... god i am a lazy bum!

  4. Umm that is a nice work schedule!
    What kind of work do you do??


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