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Love These Ladies

I am still a relatively new blogger, I haven’t lost my training wheels so to speak. But in the short few months that I have been blogging, I already feel like I’ve ‘met’ so many wonderful bloggers, and started connecting in a way that I wasn’t able to prior to starting my own blog.

Today’s challenge is to highlight one of your favorite bloggers, and why you love them so much. When I started blogging, one of my very first posts featured some of my favorite bloggers and why I love them so much. These were the blogs that I have read for many years, and the women who inspired me to start my own blog. But today, I wanted to love on some of my “new” favorite bloggers.

It seems impossible to pick just one person to highlight. So many of you have made me laugh, inspired me to redecorate a room, given me fashion advice, and made me think about something in a new way.

The blogging community is an amazing place. It is filled with inspiring individuals, people who share common goals and beliefs and push us to become the best versions of ourselves.

Blogging has opened up a whole new world to meet friends, and connect with other women who have similar interests as I do. As odd as it may be to someone who is not involved in the blogging community, it’s possible, and very likely that many bloggers have met their closest friends through blogging.

Since there are so many of you that I adore, I decided today, that I would highlight a few of the “new to me” bloggers. These are some of the lovely ladies that I have discovered since starting my own blog a few months ago.

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend a SF Blogger Meet Up. Man, I was SO nervous, but also excited. I RSVP’d right away, because I was worried if I waited, I would lose my nerve and chicken out. I knew I would be out of my comfort zone at first, but that it was a perfect opportunity to meet new people here in the city. And hopefully begin friendships with other Bay Area bloggers.

I’m so thankful that I participated in the meet up, because I met a handful of amazing girls that live here in the city. These women are all smart, creative, funny, and down to earth, they posses all the qualities that I look for in a friend. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them through their posts and our emails and comments with each other. 


Chantal @ B In The Bay

Stephanie @ My Big MarioLife

Serena @ Spillerena

I am so looking forward to building relationships with these, and many other bloggers as my journey writing From Foothills to Fog continues. I loved this challenge topic because I think it highlights my favorite part about the blogging community, that it’s such an amazing and supportive group of people.

I hope everyone had an wonderful weekend!

Happy Cinco de Mayo…excuse me while I go pig out on chips and salsa 




  1. aw you are SO sweet to have included me in this. i am so flattered! i was scrolling through bloglovin and saw my picture and was like whaaat? it has been so fun getting to know you after meeting you at the event. i said it before and i'll say it again, let's hang out sometime soon!

  2. love reading others favorite bloggers- its a big blogging world out there!
    envious of your blogger meet up- sounds like a blast!

  3. Had so much fun meeting you too, and looking forward to hanging out more! xox


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