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A Short Story of My Life

I woke up today feeling inspired. It was a beautiful, and rare, warm morning in San Francisco. I could feel the warmth of summer ahead, and it instantly put me in a happy mood.  It's the first day of May, and a new month means new beginnings. It also means that the first day of Jenni's "Blog Every Day in May Challenge" is here. The topic for today is "the story of your life in 250 words or less." As I was thinking about what to write, an idea popped into my head, so I decided to run with it. It seemed impossible to summarize my life in so few words (I'm a wordy kind of gal), but I thought writing a kind of storybook tale of where I come from would be a fun take on today's topic. So without further ado, here is my story. In 250 255 words or less.  

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Theresa. She lived in a small town with her parents and older sister. Her days were filled with adventure. They spent many weekends traveling as a family to beautiful places like Yosemite, the Red Rocks, and Yellowstone. She climbed mountains, swam in rivers, and explored the great outdoors. These experiences instilled in her a love for traveling and discovering new places. As she got older, her love of travel and the outdoors remained. In college, she studied in Rome beneath the shade of the Colosseum, walked through the ruins of Pompeii, and sketched statues at the Trevi Fountain. In those weeks, she learned a lot about herself and who she hoped to become. Upon graduating with her bachelor's degree, it was time to move home to that small town where it all began. She missed her family and wanted to be closer to them.  She worked for a lobbying firm in Sacramento, and started to feel like an actual "adult." But something was missing. She missed the sense of adventure she felt when traveling. She wanted something new, to push her out of her comfort zone and shape her into who she was meant to be. Always having loved San Francisco, she thought a move to the city by the bay could be just the journey she was looking for.  Although it was scary, she was ready for the challenge. So she picked up and moved from the foothills to the fog, where her story continues. 

Are you participating in Jenni's challenge?



1 comment:

  1. Hey Theresa, I found your blog through the Blog Every Day in May linkup post!!

    I'm actually originally from the Bay Area! :) I totally understand that feeling of wanting more! :)

    And I've never been to Rome, but I want to go so bad someday!


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