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Some Things I Need to Work On

It's finally Friday! This week actually went by pretty quickly (they all seem to lately) but I am really looking forward to the long weekend. We are just staying in the city, but have a few fun things planned. It's supposed to be decent weather too, not too warm but sunny at least.

Tonight we're off to the Giants game with our friends Corrie and Erica. Then tomorrow some friends from college are going to be in the city so I think we'll have brunch and go for a hike. Unless bottomless mimosas get the best of us. I'll let you know how that turns out :)
I hope you all have a great weekend planned!

Day 24 is your top three worst traits. 

This one was tricky. It's hard to look at yourself with a critical eye. There are so many things I know I need to work on. But these three stood out to me.

I tend to over think everything - I've always had a hard time with this one and I know it can be toxic  and create self doubt. I've definitely gotten better about just letting go and accepting the situation, but sometimes I find myself replaying things in my head over and over again.

I am the worst procrastinator  - I have always been bad about waiting putting things off and then rushing to get things done in time. Whether it was writing an essay in school, packing for a trip, or writing a blog post for this challenge, I always wait until the last minute. I know it just creates more stress for myself, but I can't seem to break the cycle!

I can be too sensitive - I suppose this goes hand in hand with over-thinking things, but I am a very sensitive person. I'm learning to embrace my sensitivity. I know that sometimes it can actually be one of my good qualities. But there are times when I take things too personally, and get upset about things that were not meant to be hurtful.

Enjoy the long weekend!!



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  1. Have fun in the city and going to the game. We've yet to go to one. I need to get on that. Have a great weekend!


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