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Something My Aunt Told Me...

Today on the ChallengeSomething someone told you about yourself that you'll never forget.

As usual, I was having trouble thinking about what to write about today. Last night I went to the Giants game with my friend Erica and we took our standard picture to upload on Instagram. We were talking about getting older and how we are starting to notice wrinkles and the changes in our bodies.

And then, something my Aunt Cheri said to me popped in my head. One time, maybe in Hawaii for my sister’s wedding, she overheard my sister and I negatively talking about our bodies or how we looked. And she told us, “you’ll never look as good as you do now.” She wanted us to appreciate ourselves and see what she sees when she looks at us.

Since she told me that, I always try to remember to focus on the qualities I feel good about. As I get older, and start to notice the changes, I understand more and more what she meant when she said that. Not that we’re not as beautiful as we age, but just to appreciate each stage, instead of always wishing for something we don’t have.




  1. So wise. I realized this when I was pregnant and wasn't sure what my body would look like afterwards. All those times I nitpicked certain things, I was pretty sure those same little things would what would be missed. Luckily not much changed (with the first!) but I'm so glad I realized it to try and appreciate myself more. I mean, beyond just being beautiful as you are, your body does SO much for you!

  2. I struggle with the same thing (weight) as you do and it's a daily struggle! It's hard to remember to focus on the good things instead of the things we don't particularly like about our appearance. I love what your aunt said...its so true!

  3. that is so true and i'm quickly learningthat. today i looked at my hands and thought how wrinkly they are (ridiculous i know) and so quickly i stopped myself and remember how great my hands look now compared to 30 years from now hahah


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