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Say: "Go Giants!"

Day 17: Today the challenge was "A favorite photo of yourself and why"

Last year my friend Erica took me to quite a few Giants games (thanks Bea!). One of the games we went to ended up being one of the most memorable, fun days I've had since I moved to San Francisco. During the game we realized it was Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day. When the game ended, we were able to go down on the field. They had wine tasting as well as a Q&A with some of the players! 

The reason that I chose this picture for the challenge today is because you can see what a perfect day it was. I have very few pictures by myself. I get shy and nervous in front of the camera when it's just me in the shot. And the pictures I do have of just myself are very posed. The reason I love this photo is because it is so carefree and fun. I'm not worried about how I look, I am just having SO MUCH FUN. 

It was a perfect San Francisco day filled with a Giants win, discovering my love for Hunter Pence (at the Q&A, what a cutie/nerd), good friends, and an impromptu bowling session. When I look at this photo I remember how much fun we had that day. 

There are pictures of ourselves where we feel pretty, skinny, etc. But I think a picture that takes you back to that exact moment in time, is the best kind of picture. And that is why I love this photo. I feel that same kind of happy when I look at it. 

And just for fun, a few more pictures from that day...

So excited to see everyone else's pictures today and hear why they love them! 




  1. Loved this post! You do look happy! I also like the accompanying photos as well! :) Love the criteria you used to choose your photo; quite similar to mine (though I haven't posted quite yet!)

  2. aw that does sound like a great day. SO funny! I love Hunter Pence too. When he comes to bat I always say "there's my Hunter" Russ doesn't understand why I like him so much. I originally did because he wears the old school short pants with socks. Now that you say he is cute/nerdy I love him more!

  3. these pictures make me want to go to a game SO bad!! looks awesome and you look so happy :)

  4. I love our high five at home plate! It was THE BEST day! I miss Theriot, and I want to hug Vogey... I digress.

  5. I love it! You look like you're having a blast!

  6. Oh my gosh, how fun! I wish the Angels did something like this!


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