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Sold! - In 10 Words or Less

Today, Jenni prompted us to "sell yourself in words or less." Well 10 words isn't many, and I tend to be a bit wordy, so I was trying to think of a clever way to tackle this challenge topic. 

At first, I thought it would dust off the Haiku writing skills I picked upin elementary school, and have a little fun. It was harder than I remembered,and nearly impossible to get something that was simultaneously aHaiku, only 10 words, and about me. Tricky business. 

So for your reading pleasure, here are a few I came up with:

True through thick and thin
Loyal and loving I'll be
A friend till the end

A friend to laugh with
For you I'll always be true
Depend on me

Honest and loyal
Laughter and sweetness to spare
Forever your friend

Since I was less than impressed with my Haiku writing skills. And I couldn't for the life of me write one in only 10 words. Ithought I would ask my closest friends and family members to use one word todescribe me, hoping that would provide more interesting blog post material. Iwas flattered by the responses. 

* sensitive * thoughtful * perceptive* caring * loyal * crafty * kind * amazing* beautiful * dedicated *

And then BOOM!  My college roommate and good friend, Laurawas the last to respond. I couldn't not share her response. I think it metthe criteria for today's topic pretty well. 

Martha Stewart meets Playboy Bunny

Thanks for the confidence boost, Laura! hahaha

So even though I couldn't think of a way to "sellmyself" in 10 words or less, I have good friends that are up for thechallenge! Clearly this is a lotlonger than 10 words, but I thought I'd bring you along for the ride on howthis post originally began with a Haiku and ended with a Playboy bunny!

Because every post needs a picture, this is from a photo shoot I did for a friend's new business.
 I was actually a playboy Bunny for Halloween a few years ago but I can't find a picture! 

And one more Haiku in honor of Mother's Day tomorrow! Happy Mother'sDay Mom, I love you!

Loyal and Loving
Everyone's Sweetheart They Say
Happy Mother's Day

Love you Mom!!




  1. I like that last one, Martha Stewart meets Playboy Bunny, very cute.


  2. Haha! That last one gives a lot of insight into who you are -- awesome! Really enjoyed this post! :)

  3. What your family and friends said about you is so sweet, but Laura's answer takes the cake!

  4. I love your poems! I almost did something similar for my 10 words.


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