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Instagram Round-Up | April 2016

And just like that, it's already May! April was a fun-filled and busy month, so of course it flew by. I can't believe I've already been back to blogging for a month now, I think I'm definitely getting back into the swing of things. I thought I'd bring back a few of the series I had prior to my long blogging break. I always loved doing an Instagram Round-Up at the end of each month, with more about the story behind each image. If you're not already, be sure to follow along here (theresamagliozzi) You can also follow along on Snapchat (tobrien129) for more behind the scenes and shenanigans. 

// I bought this cute calendar on Etsy to keep by my desk and I love flipping the page each month to read the next quote. This month is my life motto, I always to try to be kinder than necessary. //

// I was cleaning out the photos on my phone and found this picture of a cute boutique in San Clemente when we were down for our friends wedding in October. It was the perfect image to portray my current desire for a new wardrobe! Not sure Andrew would like that idea... //

// Andrew and I are starting to plan a trip to Italy and I am soooo excited! I was looking through some old photos from my last trip with 2010 and I can't wait to go back and explore more of my favorite place with Andrew! I love that everywhere you turn is a cute little doorway, charming cobblestone streets and incredible architecture and history around every corner. //

// For our friend Corrie's birthday we tried a new restaurant in the Presidio called Sessions. It was a great spot with a huge beer selection and yummy food. We followed our dinner with a few games at Presidio Bowl, such a fun night with good friends! //

// My parents came down to visit for a day and we went downtown to have lunch at Tadich Grill. You can see more of our weekend in this post. //

// We have the cutest new coffee shop by our house called As Quoted. We went with my parents when they were visiting and now Andrew and I are hooked. Great coffee & toast for a fun weekend treat! //

// I participated in a fun Instagram challenge with Helen In Between in the beginning of the month that was so fun. I hope she does another one soon, it's a fun way to find new accounts to follow. //

// We had the best camping trip to Big Sur with our closest friends at the beginning of April. On the way home, Andrew and I stopped to see McWay Falls for the first time and it was just as amazing as I'd always imagined. We were lucky to have a perfect, clear day so the water was an amazing shade of turquoise blue. //

// I had to give my friend Kristin a major shout out because she is doing amazing things with her business Kristin Marie Fitness. She is an amazing personal trainer & fitness coach and is always helping to keep me motivated and inspired. She just launched an awesome new Bride Tribe Bootcamp in Austin. If you know any brides in Texas, definitely send them her way! //

// I started a new series called Wedding Wednesday and I'm sharing all the details from our wedding last September. This is a peek at some of our Engagement Photos. //

// My coworker is currently fixing up her childhood home to sell and I stopped by after work one day to see it. I fell in love with this vintage wallpaper. My Mom said her apartment in San Francisco in the late 60's had the same wallpaper but in orange! //

// I've been having a major love affair with cactus lately. Andrew and I want to get some house plants so hopefully we can find a cute little cactus to join the family. My friend Kristin took this picture and I had to regram it. //

// I've become pretty obsessed with Snapchat lately, much to Andrew's dismay (he hates when I "snap"). I love this magical filter with the flower crown, but after I posted it I realized it was for Cochella, which isn't my thing. But, I do love that this filter makes me look like I have angel skin! //

// Our good friends Jamie & Drew just moved to Buenos Aires and we had a going away BBQ for them a few weeks ago at Fort Mason. It was a perfect San Francisco day, and so much fun to enjoy the sunshine and good friends. I already miss them so much! But I know they're having the adventure of a lifetime. //

// We've been having amazing weather in the city lately. A few weeks ago Andrew went to the beach with his sister and some friends. Sadly I had some work to do and had to miss out. //

// Another peek at our Engagement pictures from my Wedding Wednesday series. This is one of my favorites. //

// A look at the pins that inspired the color palette and theme for our wedding //

// One of my favorite images from our recent camping trip to Yosemite Valley. I loved how Half Dome was hiding in the clouds. I'm working on learning as much as I can about photography, this is a little overexposed but I was trying to avoid washing out the clouds and sky. //

// The blooming dogwoods were amazing in Yosemite Valley. Nearly all of the trees have white blossoms, but I loved these pink ones! //

// It was amazing to see so much water in Yosemite Falls, usually we go during the late summer when there is much less. //

// Last week on one of my lunch breaks I snuck out of the office to check out a nearby Estate Sale. As I mentioned, I've been looking for a vintage Persian rug for our entryway. I loved this one but it wasn't the right size. I found a few on Ebay that I'm considering, but I haven't been able to commit to buying one yet. //

// This weekend Andrew and I took a little walk in our neighborhood to enjoy the beautiful day. I couldn't help but stop to see this cute pink house. Then I noticed the matching pink blossoms and had to snap a picture. //

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