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Summer Memories Out On The Boat

I've recently been going through old photos, trying to organize both my printed and digital pictures. It's overwhelming! But I know I will be so thankful to have everything organized and in scrapbooks that we can enjoy for years to come.

As I was looking through pictures I came across a bunch from the many summers out on the boat back home in the foothills. Throughout high school and even during the summer in college and years following I used to spend a lot of time out on the boat with friends and family. They are some of my best memories. Andrew and I would love to have a boat of our own someday.

Something about the early days of summer makes me want to turn up the country music and spend time out on the lake. Sadly, San Francisco isn't exactly one to show off in the summer. It's usually gloomy and cold with a blanket of grey fog. Andrew and I have started escaping the city on weekends during summer months so we can get a little taste of sunshine. Seeing these photos made me want to try and spend as much time out on the lake as we can this coming summer! Luckily, my sister and brother in law have a boat, and are actually members of the boat club at Lake Clementine up in Auburn. We went with them one weekend a few summers ago, so hopefully we'll get the invite again!

I thought it would be fun to share a peek at some of my favorite photos I uncovered from the many afternoons spent out on the boat!

* the picture on the inner-tube we were anchored in a cove, so life jackets weren't necessary.

It's funny how life ebbs and flows, there are different seasons when some things are a huge part of our lives, and then somehow it becomes less a part of it. It's interesting looking back, how not that long ago I spent countless hours out on the boat. I would rush home after work to meet friends and get a few hours of boating and wakeboarding in. And now, I think it has been nearly 3 years since the last time I was wakeboarding! I suppose a lot of that has to do with my move to San Francisco. But I do miss it! There is something about being out on the water that is good for the soul. I especially love the evenings out on the boat after a hot day. Hopefully this year we'll make it out to the lake at least one time!

In addition to going out on my sisters boat, we were talking with our friends recently about planning a day to go boating here in San Francisco. You can rent sail boats and spend the day in the bay, sail under the Golden Gate Bridge, then end the day in McCovey Cove for a Giants game! On a warm day in San Francisco, it would be incredible! We tend to have Indian Summers here in the city, so hopefully we'll make that happen in a few months! Who knows, maybe we'll even plan another sailing trip like we did back in 2011!

All this got me thinking about the many reasons I love boating. Because really, what's not to love?!

Spending Time with Friends & Family // There is nothing like spending an afternoon in the sunshine with your friends and family. Some of my best memories are summer days out on the boat! 

The Great Outdoors // during the summer, it's especially nice to spend time outside. For those of us that are cooped up inside all week at the office, it's so nice to kick up your feet an relax on the water during the weekend. 

Wakeboarding // one of my favorite things about boating are the water sports! I learned to wakeboard back in high school and it's still something I really enjoy. 

Wake Surfing // this is another fun boating activity, one I have yet to master. Andrew is a natural, and loves wake surfing but I still have to hold on to the rope or I can't stay up more than a few minutes. 

Travel // it's so fun to travel and see new places. There are so many amazing places to go boating. I am lucky to have grown up so close to a number of beautiful lakes including Lake Tahoe. But I think it would be so fun to rent a big house on a lake somewhere with friends or family and rent a boat to use while you're there. We've talked about doing this with Andrew's family and I think we should make it happen! 

Swimming & Exercise // not only is it fun and relaxing to be out on the water, swimming is also great exercise. And water sports like wakeboarding are also a good workout, I'm always so sore after the first time I wakeboard each season. 

SUP // stand up paddle boarding is another fun activity for a day on the lake. My cousins have a boat they often take to Lake Tahoe in the summer and we usually take turns going out on the boat and using the SUP in coves along the lake shore. 

Tradition // another thing I love about boating is the family time and tradition that you can create. My sister and brother in law are members of a boat club and each summer they do a camping trip with everyone for a beach clean up. The families that go have been a part of the lake community for generations. They have built friendships to last a lifetime, and the memories for both my nephews growing up with summers at the lake is priceless. 

Camping // some of my favorite memories at the lake have been camping trips. As I mentioned above, going with my sister on the boat club annual trips. As well as a few weekends with friends. If you ask me, boating and camping is the perfect marriage of summer activities! 

FUN // of course, the best thing about boating is it's just so fun. There are so many beautiful places to see. A different types of boating activities for everyone. 

Do you spend time boating in the summer? Do you prefer boating in the ocean or a lake?

** A special thanks to Discover Boating for sponsoring this post. As always, the opinions expressed here are 100% my own.  


  1. This brought back a lot of memories for me, too. We used to have a boat before my parents bought their cabin in Truckee. We spent so many summers out on the lakes around here. I loved it for all the reasons you mentioned. Sometimes I miss the days of boating, but I definitely don't miss it enough to buy my own. It was a lot of work! You should check out renting a house boat on Bullards Bar. That was by far my favorite lake. The water there is beautiful.

  2. I definitely have old film photos like you posted and it brought back memories! I loved wake boarding growing up but living in Seattle now means I have a smaller summer gap to get out on the lake. Thankfully I still get home to California often (actually at the airport now!) and will be spending some time in SF/ Petaluma this wknd! Any tips? Food, hiking, etc we are up for anything!

    1. Weird it didn't add my name/profile to that comment :)

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