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Clement Nursery

Andrew and I have been wanting to get a few plants for our house. Of course a fiddle fig was at the top of our list, but we hadn't purchased one yet. Then a few weeks ago we went to see our friends new house, and they had so many plants. It really makes the space feel complete and more lived in or cozy. So we decided right then, it was time to bring some life into our house and buy some plants!

We were finally home this past weekend so we decided to head down to the Clement Nursery our friends suggested. It was such a fun and eclectic place. They had a wide variety of plants and the sales people were very helpful. As you know, I'm working on giving our entryway a little makeover, and had wanted to get a snake plant for that space. But of course, I know nothing about plants and how to care for them so I was a bit worried. I didn't want to spend money on a plant only to have it die a few weeks later. Lucky for me, they told me snake plants are nicknamed "mother-in-law's tongue" because you can't get rid of them. (For the record my mother in law is amazing)! They can live in bright sun, low light and need hardly any water. In fact, they told me not to water it more than once a month for the size we purchased. Perfect for my inexperienced ways. I was sold! Another interesting fact they told us was that it's one of the only plants that produce oxygen at night, so it's beneficial to keep in the bedroom to purify air while you're sleeping.

Although we looked at a few other plants, we only came home with one for now. We figured we should wait to be sure of what we want, and where we want to keep it, before we buy another.

Do you have houseplants? The only other plant we have is a type of cactus or succulent my colleague gave me, which I love. It can go months without water and has grown about a foot in the past two years. Hopefully our new little snake plant thrives as well.

Do you have any suggestions for houseplants that can be in direct sunlight? I want something for the living room but it gets a lot of afternoon sunlight so I want to make sure that I find one that will do well in that environment.

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  1. Oh so beautiful, I am jealous of all the greenery, you have captured the area beautifully.
    Delores Ensley
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