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Day Hike from Rodeo Beach

It was another gorgeous weekend here in San Francisco. Andrew was feeling a little under the weather, but we didn't want to miss an opportunity to get out and enjoy the sunshine. We decided to head up to Rodeo Beach and do a hike along the coast because it was a short drive and we didn't want to deal with the traffic and crowds on Hwy 1 to Mt. Tamalpias. We had been there before to hike Hill 88 so we knew it was dog friendly and Louis could join us, plus we thought we might relax on the beach for a while afterwards.

Instead of hiking north like last time, we decided to head south along the coast towards the lighthouse. It was a gorgeous day with spectacular views, I couldn't help but take way too many photos. Once we got closer to the lighthouse, we had amazing views of the city as well. We even saw some whales in the distance off Baker Beach! A couple who was there said we just missed them being really active, breaching and slapping their tails. As we walked down towards the lighthouse, we also saw a bunch of seals out sunbathing. We always joke Louis was a seal in a previous life because he looks just like them.

We headed back towards Rodeo Beach and checked out one of the old WWII batteries along the way. I love exploring all the abandon buildings. Once we were back on the beach, we were lucky enough to watch a pod of dolphins playing in the surf. I've mentioned before, but I totally geek out over marine life so I was so excited! Andrew is less amazed by it since he has surfed right along side them before (jealous)! I wished we had binoculars with us, but they were pretty close so we still had a good view. I was surprised they were so active with how many surfers were in the water.

Andrew was bummed he didn't bring his surf board because the waves looked pretty great. We decided on the next warm, sunny day we would get our friends together and head up there. Bring the dogs, volleyball, games, a picnic and post up for the day.  If you haven't been to Rodeo Beach add it to your list. It's great for hiking, especially if you have dogs. There are a ton of trails to choose from and a variety of distances and levels of difficulty. There are always a lot of people surfing and families enjoying the beach as well.

Did you go on any adventures over the weekend?


  1. That hike looks beautiful. I'm happy to hear they allow dogs. I'll have to do it sometime when Ryder is all healed up!

  2. Looks gorgeous! Gotta make the most of good weather in SF when you get it!!


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