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Requesting Chicago Travel Tips!

Next week, my friend Erica are heading to Chicago for our friend Kenzie's 30th birthday! I am so excited, I've never been to Chicago and it's been on my list of places to visit for quite some time. In the past year, two of my close friends have moved from San Francisco to Chicago, so I knew I'd be visiting soon enough.

Originally, Andrew and Erica's husband, Corrie were planning on coming as well. But Corrie recently got a new job, and has been to Chicago a number of times so he didn't want to take the time off. Not wanting to be the only guy, Andrew decided to back out as well. I was really looking forward to doing some of the touristy things with him since the girls have traveled to Chicago many times, but I am excited for a girls trip!  We don't have a bachelorette party to attend together this year, so it will be like the good old days when we used to do annual girls trips (seen here).

I've listed the few of the things we have planned so far below, but I would love any recommendations for things to do and see while we're there. Any favorite restaurants, bars, coffee shops, sights & suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your tips! I will be sure to do a full recap post after our trip and let you know what we were up to!


  1. Second City show is a must do! There is a great Mexican restaurant next door that makes table side guacamole! Check out Wicker Park...lots of fun shopping, restaurants and bars. Here are a few of my favorite restaurants; Big Bowl (Chinese/Thai), Lucky's (before the cubs game), Frontera (mexican), Lou Malanatis (try the butter crust), & Girl & the Goat (best meal ever)!

  2. We absolutely loved Chicago! We pretty much did the main "tourist" spots, but I shared it here ( ) if you wanted to take a look! Not sure if its a local restaurant or a chain, but Wildberry Pancakes & Café was our favourite breakfast spot! I'm sure you'll have a blast! :)


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