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Treasure Island Flea Market

We had a great weekend. Andrew's mom decided to make an impromptu trip to San Francisco for the weekend. It's always so fun to have house guests, especially family that we don't get to see often enough. 

Andrew and I have been wanting to go to the Treasure Island Flea Market for a while now, and it happened to fall on this weekend. (It's the last weekend of the month for you locals). Andrew's mom is also a fan of flea markets, so she was as excited to go as I was.

I think Andrew and his sister got a little burnt out looking at countless booths of old "junk," but Andrew's mom and I had a blast looking for treasures amongst the piles of well-loved antiques and treasures.

We both found a few things we couldn't live without. I had been looking for an old scale to put in our kitchen, and I found one for just $10! I also walked away with two Pyrex pie dishes for only $2 each, as well as an old cut glass decanter for our whiskey bar. Andrew's mom found a cute old Pepsi crate and another small, vintage food box she plans to use in her kitchen.

It was a beautiful, warm day. Fortunately, there was no fog and we had an amazing view of the city. Of course, major blogger fail, I forgot to charge my camera battery, and it died right when we arrived. Of course, I did manage to snap a few pictures on my iPhone.

It was such a great day! I hope to go back again next month to see what else I can find. Do you like flea markets? Are there any good ones in your area?



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  1. The Alameda Flea Market is so fun! Even if you don't find something it is always fun to eat at the food trucks :)

  2. Flea markets are always fun! I love to see if I can find any little treasures! Looks like a great weekend! :)

  3. I love all things junk--- so jealous of your flea market finds! love digging for gold and getting the best deal in town!!

  4. Wow, that looks like an incredibly flea market! You got some good stuff girl!! Let's add flea market onto the ever-growing list of things we need to do together :)

    Your outfit is so cute!!

  5. What an amazing view and it looks like there were some great finds!
    I've been meaning to hit up a flea market in my area before the summer ends.

  6. I LOVE Flea Markets. I could literally spend all day at something like that! And - I think its time I live in your guest room. NOT JOKING.
    <3 it all.

  7. I love scouring flea markets/thrift shops!

  8. Love flea markets and luckily so does my husband. Alameda flea market is awesome and it happens the first Sunday of every month!

  9. i saw a sign for that! i would go just for the view!

  10. Fun! There's a great market place in Texas once a month. I've actually only been able to go once, but I'd love to go back! You can find such neat things that you can't find anywhere else!

  11. This place looks like a jackpot of a flea market and it sounds like you made out quite nicely!

  12. What a cool flea market! I've never been but I'm putting it on my calendar for October!

  13. I love going and sifting through flea markets! Unfortunately, there aren't many good ones near where we live - we have to go about 1.5 hours or so to really go to a decent one.

  14. So sweet to see the view from T.I. again! Thank you for posting the pics! It was fun looking at the treasures that you found. Some of them we had or saw at Gpa/Gma Strongs!! Looking forward to more pics next time!!


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