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Lands End

Louis in front of his restaurant
love the heart shaped cut-out in the rock

Since I moved to San Francisco, I've been wanting to hike at Lands End. Last weekend was the perfect opportunity since Andrew's mom was in town. Even though it had been beautiful the day before, we woke up to a thick layer of fog coating the city. We waited a while, hoping it would burn off, but Karl seemed to be sticking around for the day. Regardless of the fog, we decided to go for it anyways. And I'm glad we did. 

We started our hike at Sutro Baths, then worked our way along the coast towards Baker Beach on the Lands End Trail. The fog was resting just above us, so there was still a view of the Pacific and the bottom of the Golden Gate bridge. In the distance, we could see the beautiful blue water by Sausalito, teasing us that just across the bridge, they were enjoying summer. 

Hopefully this fall, we'll be able to hike at Lands End on a clear day. I'm sure the views of the Golden Gate are spectacular. Although, next time I think we'll go early in the morning to miss some of the crowds. 

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  1. Despite the fog this looks like a gorgeous hike!

  2. Gorgeous!

    Seriously stupid question but is that how Lands End the clothing company got its name? I had no idea Lands End was an actual place! How neat.

  3. love this! you and your hiking!! you make my walks look wimpy ;)

  4. I'm always speechless how beautiful land's end is, even on a foggy days. It has something calm.

  5. ahh we love seeing our city, even with the foggy! so pretty!

    love from San Francisco,

  6. I love lands end/sutro baths. such a nice walk!!

  7. I love hiking lands end... the view is so amazing... my favorite is grabbing sandwhiches from sadwhich spot then heading over there

  8. Oh my goodness Theresa that heart-shaped rock cut-out is absolutely amazing! The beauty of Mother Nature :)



  9. Sausalito is so beautiful! I've only been there once, and that was such a teaser!
    You have such great coastal hikes up there..I'm jealous!


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