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Our Love Story: Part III

In the past few weeks, I've shared Part I and Part II of our love story. And now, the chapter on our love distance love...

The majority of our relationship has been spent with 500 miles between us. It absolutely had its challenges, but there were also so many sweet moments during our weekend visits to one another. 

For the first two years of our relationship, we typically saw each other about once a month. We'd take turns flying between San Diego and Sacramento (San Francisco after I moved). And tried to cram as much into those short visits as possible. 

I always loved going to San Diego. It felt like vacation every time. We'd go to the beach and sit on the cliffs watching the waves, go hiking, watch movies and even went to a few Padres games. One of our favorite things became cooking together, we'd make homemade pizza, burgers, pasta, fancy egg recipes for brunch, and Andrew showed me how to make the famous Magliozzi eggplant. Some of my favorite memories are cooking with Andrew early on in our relationship. Even though it was only a night or two we had together, we always manged to have fun and try something new. But it was always bittersweet when it was time to drive to the airport. 

One of the hardest parts of long distance was having this amazing person that you love, who was completely separate from every other aspect of your life. Because we weren't able to see each other that often, we usually spent all of our time just the two of us. There wasn't that much time to meet friends, go on weekend trips, or get to know each others family, because our time together was so precious. I think it was hard for friends and family to take our relationship seriously because they never really saw us together. But as time went on, and our relationship got more serious, we made time to get to know each others family. When I was in San Diego, we would always see his Mom and spend time with his sister if she was home as well. Andrew also came with my family to Yosemite and Walker River last year, and we spent time with both of our families around Christmas. 

Even though weeks went by without seeing each other, I still felt that spark when we spoke on the phone, and had butterflies every time I saw him. Andrew has always been able to make me laugh more than anyone. We have a very playful relationship, and are completely at ease with each other. I think a lot of that is because, for the majority of our relationship, it was just the two of us. I can be totally myself with him, and he loves me and all my nerdy, awkward, dorkiness. 

Although we had so many wonderful times during the first two years of our relationship, the distance was really, really hard at times. Texting and Skype dates are no replacement for spending time together, and it could be really frustrating. In all honesty, some days were hard, really hard. And it seemed impossible, like there was no end in sight for the distance. But, in my gut I knew that I would do whatever it took to make our relationship work. I knew that Andrew was worth the effort that's required to maintain a long distance relationship, and thankfully, he wanted to put forth the effort as well. 

watching "our birds" along the coast
Our college friends' wedding
another wedding of a college friend

Giants win the World Series // toasting the wine purchased on our first date // Disneyland at Christmas
Christmas in Union Square // ugly sweater party with college friends

Last January, Andrew called me at work. Which he never does. He had interviewed with a company in San Francisco a couple weeks prior, and I knew exactly why he was calling. It was such an exciting thing to hear, "I got the job" because I knew that meant we were finally DONE with long distance. 

The next couple weeks were a whirlwind  Packing and planning. Thankfully, my lease was ending. Initially we planned to find a new place together, but my roommate at the time decided to move, and we were able to stay in my apartment. 

I'm sure people thought we were nuts, going from long distance to living together. Heck, I was even pretty nervous. But I knew that it was the right timing for us. 

Moving Day!!! So long, long distance love! 

This year has been the best so far. There was definitely an adjustment period, learning how to live together. Andrew was adjusting to a new city and a new job, but it was a surprisingly easy transition. My favorite nights are the ones we spend at home watching marathons of Breaking Bad, cooking dinner, and goofing off. We can finally go on weekend trips together, and have our first official vacation planned next month! 

Because of the time we spent long distance, I know we can make it through anything. We learned how to communicate with each other and what our needs are in the relationship. Now, we're stronger than ever. 

I can't imagine where we'll be years from now, but I have truly never been happier. I am so thankful that I followed my heart, and didn't give up on us. Those years of long distance were worth it, 110%



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  1. ok how great is this?! so cute that you captured your long distance relationship into words! i can totally relate to the good weekends together and the hard times apart- you are good and writing and summing it up in #realtalk!
    loved reading it all!
    x o x o

  2. I really loved reading this! :) I'm so glad that things have gone so smoothly and have gotten even better! I cannot wait until the day when Tyler and I are no longer long distance! :) But it is a blessing and you get to know someone so well and it really does strengthen the relationship!


  3. Good for you doing the long-distance thing for so long! I can't believe it. I bet it was SO nice to be able to be together. I can't even imagine! You two are super cute :)

  4. Ok first off - you two are the cutest! I love reading these! B & I did long distance but not for as long as you guys! I love how you described it. It really is incredibly hard! What a sweet way to recount this part of your lives! I have written parts of our love story (the first I think?) and it is so worth it when you write it out!
    Happy Monday dear friend!

  5. You guys are seriously so freaking cute together. Please get married and have babies already!! :)

  6. I love that your San Diego bf is wearing a Giants hat! WIN! I was in a LDR in San Diego too! I went to SDSU and my bf (now hubs!) was playing baseball in Kansas City, MO. We were 1500 miles apart!! But we made it through two tough years and it was SO worth it!!

  7. I love this post and can totally relate. The bf has been in a different province for the past few years and it's SO difficult (but worth it!). He is very close to getting a job back home (where I am/where he is from) and I cannot wait. Not getting hopes up that this is the END but I can't help but get a little excited!

    So glad you two are together now!


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