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Scenes from AT&T Park

My weekend was filled with baseball. My good friends invited me to join them at the Giants game both Friday night and Saturday. I always love going to games, and this weekend was especially fun to spend time with friends and best of all, we had wonderful weather! 

Saturday was especially fun. We look forward to this game every year, because it was the Virgin America giveaway day, 2 for 1 flights on Virgin America! Can't beat that! We got a few vouchers and hope to plan a couple fun trips in the near future! This year there are more restrictions on fly times, but I'm sure we'll still find somewhere fun to go! Austin, Seattle, Portland and Chicago are all in the running!

It was such a busy weekend with friends, but I still managed to get the laundry done and put away last night, just in time to watch the Breaking Bad premiere! I can't wait to see what happens during this final season. Any other Breaking Bad fans out there? What did you think of last nights episode?

I hope you all had a great weekend as well! 



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  1. what a fun weekend!
    AND you got laundry done.. im impressed!!!

    ps- did you get my email?!

  2. Hey lady found you through the link up! Fellow San Franciscan here!! Love me a Giants game and I so wish I knew about the Virgin day!!

  3. What?!?! Why cant Angel Stadium do awesome giveaways like that?? Oh wait, maybe because we pay millions of dollars to men who can't play baseball.

    Bitter Betsy part of 1. :)

  4. Your welcome friend! SOOO fun as always! Nice pictures you photog you!

  5. That is an awesome giveaway! Totally jealous but I hope you can take advantage of it!

  6. That park is so retro and throwback! I enjoyed these photos and it looks like you had a great time! And those 2-for-1 fares sound awesome!


  7. Fun! I'd love to go to a Giants game. I love the huge Coke bottle. Have you tried those garlic fries? That sounds like something Jordan would absolutely love.


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