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Likes // Dislikes

I got this idea over on Natalie Dressed, and thought it would be a fun post to share a little bit more about myself and all of my quirks. I love reading these types of posts by fellow bloggers, so I hope you all enjoy these random tidbits about me! 

Like // The smell of boat exhaust. I know, it sounds weird. I think it just reminds me of summer and being out on the lake. 

Dislike // Waking up. I loveeee my sleep, and am not a fan of waking up in the morning. I hit snooze at least four times before I crawl out of bed and take a shower. And there is a good chance I'm still asleep for at least the first few minutes of my shower each morning. The only time I like waking up early, is if I'm heading somewhere on vacation.

Like // Flying. I know a lot of people don't like flying or dealing with the hassle of airport travel. But I love to fly. I am sure part of that is because it usually means you're heading off for an adventure, but even airport security lines and delays don't get me too stressed out. I can vividly remember one of the first (if not the first) flights I took, for a family vacation to the east coast. I've always loved looking out the window and wondering about what's below.

Dislike // Spiders. Snakes and other bugs I can handle, but spiders send me into a fit of fear and anxiety. My brother in law actually finds this quite amusing. When I was living with them, he put two BIG, creepy spiders in a glass and left them on the kitchen counter for me. If it wasn't for my lovely sister, they would have been on my bedside table. Rude.

Like // Travel. I can't get enough. If only we could catch up to the rest of the world and have a month+ paid vacation time. There are so many places I want to go! I hope we can get a big trip on the books for next year.

Dislike // Not having a garbage disposal. I'm not a huge fan of washing dishes either, but I've gotten used to not having a dishwasher since living in San Francisco. However, no one should ever have to live without a garbage disposal. Cleaning the out drain stopper has got to be one of the worst chores EVER. First World problems, I know.

Like // Country Music. I can't understand why so many people hate it! I love listening to country, especially during the summer. It reminds me of home. I love how relatable the songs are. So many of them could be written about my life growing up in the foothills.

Dislike // Wedge sneakers. I cannot figure out how these have gotten so popular. I just can't get behind this trend. Actually, the same goes for crop tops and overalls. Maybe I'm just getting old, but I don't get.

Like // Cheese. I honestly can't remember the last time I went an entire day without eating cheese. It's just too good to live without. No paleo diets for this girl.

Dislike // Junk mail. Seriously why do they send so much crap in the mail? Do people really sign up for all of those credit cards? I feel like I'm constantly recycling so much paper, I hate how wasteful it is. On second thought, maybe I should actually be using all those coupons we get...

How's that for a random Wednesday post? What are some of your likes and dislikes?



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  1. You are GORGEOUS friend :)

    I am the exact same way with sleep. Between you and me, I curse at my alarm in my head every single morning!

    HATE flying. I need to find someone who's a pilot who I can talk to to get over my fear. Like, I get sweaty and turn red while's that bad.

    You're a country music fan?? How did I miss this?!?! I don't understand why so many people dislike it as well. I just can't comprehend that. It's just so good!

    LOVED learning more about you girl. We definitely would be fast besties in real life I think :)

  2. Love this!! We have many similar likes and dislikes especially when it comes to CHEESE! Yum!!

  3. What a great list! I love reading about others and getting to know them. I'm with you on a LOT - especially the wedge sneakers... ugh, they have had their day (which should have been a minute) - let's move on from this fashion nightmare! Stopping by from Random Wednesday! hope you'll come visit me, having a $200 J.Crew gift card giveaway!

    xo Lulu

  4. I TOTALLY agree about the wedge sneakers. im so confused by this phenomenon. not cute!

  5. Loved this and copied you :) Thanks for the awesome idea!



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