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Lifted Her Look - Week 2


We're already two weeks into my Lifted Her Look Challenge and I'm having a lot of fun! I love looking for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram, and then trying to figure out how to create similar looks in my own closet. One thing I've learned already is, I need new basics. I haven't really updated my wardrobe in years, a new dress or top here and there, but I need classic pieces. I have Rent the Runway for fun items to wear for events, but I want to build up a capsule wardrobe that I can enhance with rented pieces throughout the month. I've also noticed, I really need new shoes! I have my converse and a couple pair of sandals, but that's about it. I need boots and a few other options to mix in, especially with the seasons changing. 

Monday was kind of a bust for me. I probably would have felt better with my hair down, but it was hair wash day and so I thought I would try the slicked back ponytail everyone does now. It felt like a flashback to middle school. The sneakers with jeans and the fitted top have too much of a 'mom' vibe and not in a good way. In hindsight I needed a looser fitting top to balance out the outfit. Honestly, I probably would have felt cuter if I just wore my usual athleisure instead. 

This blouse has proven to be the most worn top in my closet. I've had it for years, I think before Graham was born (also seen here). When I worked in San Francisco, it was one of my favorite tops for the office. It's great colors for fall but works year round. I went to the grocery store this day and got complimented by three different people, even though it's old it has stood the test of time! While this outfit probably would have been cuter with boots, it was still in the 80's that afternoon so I tried to style it for fall transition with the cropped jeans and sandals. These jeans were the first pair I bought when skinny jeans were going out of style, and they are already feeling a bit dated. Overall, I felt cute on Tuesday and liked this look, which is the whole purpose of doing this little challenge. 

Wednesday was a fun one! This is an outfit I never would have put together without finding this inspiration on Pinterest. I didn't have a brown belt, but luckily was able to dig this one out of the back of Andrew's closet. And I finally got a chance to wear my high top converse too.  I felt cute and it was fun wearing something totally different for me, but still felt like myself. 

This is one of the first looks I had saved after I bought this dress for a girls trip a couple years ago. I love the look with sneakers for a more casual feel. It was perfect for this in between weather we've been having. Crisp mornings, but warm in the afternoon. I'm ready to dress like fall but it's still been too warm to pull out all the sweaters. I felt really cute for work and a quick errand, but it wasn't the most practical for playing with the boys ha! I quickly changed after we got home from school pick up. 

Today is a casual day working from home with only one meeting so I wanted to be comfy. I don't look quite as chic as the woman in the photo, but it's comfy and feels like a good simple look for a early fall day. I like that her shoes are more delicate than mine, maybe if I were at the beach that would help!

Thanks for following along for my challenge. I'm already thinking about what outfits I can put together next week. Another thing I've learned is planning ahead helps. Just like with the kids, there is something about setting out your outfit the night before that makes the morning run so much more smoothly. 

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

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