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30 Days of Home


I've noticed something that I really struggle with as an adult and in motherhood is feeling overwhelmed, so much so that I let it paralyze me. Which as you might imagine, makes it so I don't accomplish things, and that feeling of overwhelm spirals. I know how much better it feels to complete tasks and get things done that have been lingering on my ever growing to do lists, but the overwhelm stops me in my tracks. 

I had been thinking, I should do one tiny small thing every day, and watch the results compound over time. I even sat down to make a list (my favorite thing to do). I wrote out a long list of things that I've been wanting to accomplish in our home since we moved in over two years ago. I thought if each task was small and manageable, only requiring a few minutes of my day, that would be a great place to start. Well, I made a list to start September 1st, and then I kind of forgot about it. 

That was, until I saw Leslie Graham started a similar series of "Nurturing Home" on her blog and social media channels. It has been so fun to watch her videos and see everything she has accomplished. It got me thinking, if she can do it, so can I! So, I gathered my list and figured there is nothing better to keep me accountable than to put it out in the world. My brain really likes things to make sense and be orderly, so I'd love for this to start October 1st. But, I think that is really just me making excuses for myself. So here we go, September 26th and starting 30 Days of Home!

Here is the list of things I'd like to accomplish, not necessarily in order. Some of them will require more time and effort, but others are very quick and easy to accomplish. My plan is to show up on Instagram stories each day to update progress, and I'd like to create a few Reels for when I have time or it makes sense for the task of that given day. I'll be sure to update here too if there are links to posts from a given task. I hope that you'll join me on the journey and maybe it will even inspire you, too! 

  1. Order pictures for frames upstairs
  2. Clean out Primary Bathroom cabinets
  3. Put Photos in frames upstairs
  4. Order Wallpaper samples
  5. List holiday clothes to sell online
  6. Finish planting in the backyard
  7. Order side table for out front
  8. Finish entry table DIY project
  9. Order art prints for living room frames
  10. Hang 2 frames in family room
  11. Order prints for dining room
  12. Hang plant in the bathroom
  13. Organize boys' bathroom cabinet
  14. Organize laundry room cabinets
  15. Schedule carpet cleaning
  16. Schedule tree service
  17. Schedule air duct removal
  18. Organize Andrew's office closet
  19. Order covers for front chairs
  20. Clean patio cushions
  21. Get bark for planter in back
  22. Get driftwood to finish sand box area
  23. Get quote to finish fence and front gate
  24. Stack wood along back fence in rack
  25. Get pots and plant small area in backyard under window
  26. Order art for brothers bedroom frames
  27. New frame for G's alphabet print
  28. New print for empty frame in G's room
  29. Hang mobile in brothers room
  30. Hang map in Graham's room

Have you ever done something like this to help with the sense overwhelm? I'm very hopeful that the feeling of accomplishment I feel after getting things done will help me feel more at peace in my home as well as motivate me to be more focused and productive in general. 

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