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Disneyland with Graham

I know it's almost 6 months ago now, but last spring, we decided on a whim that we should take Graham to Disneyland. A short two weeks later, we had childcare lined up for brothers and were on an airplane! I've always loved Disneyland and was lucky enough to go several times with my family growing up and into adulthood. It's always been a favorite for the O'Brien family, Andrew on the other hand has very mild feelings about it. Crowds are not his favorite. But, we had been twice together and I was hoping my affection had started to wear off on him, and now bringing his first born he was bound to fall in love with the place! 

With Graham starting Kindergarten, we realized it was a great time to take him before being bound to the school calendar. Plus, it was a special trip for just the three of us. He was SO excited when we told him, and I think a little in disbelief. 

We flew down on a Sunday afternoon and met up with Andrew's Mom (Gamma), Uncle and cousins at a brewery for dinner before checking into our hotel. It was so nice Gamma drove up from Carlsbad to pick us up at the airport and spend some time together. Uncle Jay has always been a favorite of Graham's, and he brought his vintage Star Wars Lego figurines for him! After a little family time and dinner we headed back to the hotel to get settled and go to bed for a big day the following day. 

We stayed just a quick walk from the park which was ideal. And although Graham hasn't been in a stroller in years, we brought the old single jogger for him and it was a game changer. He was able to rest and we could move around the park quickly. We saw characters right as we entered which was both exciting and overwhelming. A lot to take in for your first visit! We decided to head towards Pirates of the Caribbean for our first ride. In my mind it was a nice calm ride to ease Graham into things, plus he likes pirates! However it turned out to be a little scary for him. He still said he wanted to go on The Haunted Mansion next, which again, was MUCH scarier than I remembered since becoming a Mom. I think Graham had his eyes closed most of the time, but the did great! Next we thought it was best to head over to Fairy Tale town for a little bit, and went for a ride on Dumbo! We lucked out that morning and even though it was Memorial Day, it wasn't too crowded at all. 

Part of what drove the timing for our trip was due to the fact Splash Mountain is being redone, and I wanted to go on it one last time for nostalgia sake. Somehow, even after starting the day with two scary rides, Graham was ready for Splash Mountain after some time on the mellow rides (we may have failed to mention the big drop at the end)! We all got fairly wet, but Andrew got SOAKED. Graham was a great sport about and we eventually dried off. 

I was so impressed with Graham's bravery riding the bigger rides, especially because he is a bit timid. After Thunder Mountain he said it was a little too scary for him, but he said it with a smile. Now he talks about how when we go back to Disneyland, he's going to ride everything! 

Graham is already so excited to go back, and often asks about it. We can't wait to go with brothers and hopefully bring along Mimi, Papa, Gamma and Auntie to make it a family affair. 

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