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Fall Bucket List

Tomorrow marks the start of my very favorite season, Fall! Maybe it's because I'm an October baby, but I just love all things Fall (so basic, I know)! This year it really snuck up on me. Now that we're in our new routine with the kids at school, time somehow moves even faster. A friend was asking about the calendar so we could plan our annual holiday traditions, and it seemed so far away, but September is already whizzing by in the blink of an eye! Hopefully even with busy schedules, we'll find time to squeeze in all our favorite Fall activities and traditions. 

Go to a Pumpkin Patch / Of course, what would fall be without a visit to the pumpkin patch! I always loved doing this as a kid around my birthday. We'll likely go to a couple, since a few destinations on this list also have a pumpkin patch. 

Visit Apple Hill / Such a classic Fall destination we're so lucky to live close to. It's always quite the circus on the weekend, and now that the kids are in school I'm not sure we can do a weekday visit. Perhaps I'll pick up Graham and the twins early one day and we can hope they nap in the car on the drive there. The ultimate fall destination with apple cider donuts, apple cider, you pick flower bouquets, breweries, wineries, pumpkin patches, and apple picking! 

Host our annual Pumpkin Carving Party / Our tradition the past several years is to host friends for a pumpkin carving party! So far, the Dad's seem to be the most involved in the actual carving but it's so fun to get together and celebrate the season. I usually make a fun, spooky treat too! 

Larson Family Winery Harvest / Another favorite tradition! We joined this winery wayyyy back when I was still living in the fog, but we've kept our membership and love to visit. We originally joined because it was close to the city and dog friendly, and now we stay because it's kid friendly and affordable and good wine. They do several events throughout the year we try to attend, but the Harvest and Santa brunch are a must!

Neighborhood Halloween Parade / The best surprise of our neighborhood was finding out it has an adorable Halloween parade every year for the kids. The first year we invited some friends last minute, then last year made it more of an event. It's a blast, all the kids are so cute in their costumes. Now we've gotten to know some neighbors too! So I'm sure it's going to be so fun. It also happens to fall on my birthday this year!

Trick or Treat / The neighborhood adjacent to ours is BIG for trick or treating. People drive over and park to walk around the festive houses. Graham has had the BEST time the past couple years and I know that brothers are going to love it this year too! 

Go to the Farmers market / I love a fall farmers market! I've been wanting to go to the Folsom or Sacramento market so that will be a fun morning activity one weekend we're home and don't have early soccer. 

Pick Apples / Perhaps on our visit to Apple Hill we'll be able to pick some apples. Or we can visit The Orchard in Auburn. But if all else fails, we can go pick some at Mimi & Papa's house (unless the bears get them first)!

Decorate for Halloween / We love to decorate for the holidays at our house. I've always loved pumpkins and fall decor, but since becoming a Mom I've really leaded into Halloween. It's so fun! Graham has been asking for weeks so we told him this weekend! 

Fall Front Porch / I love lining the porch with pumpkins, grasses & mums! I can't wait to have our front looking so cozy and festive for the autumn season! With a little spooky twist until Halloween of course! 

Bake a Fall Treat / bake something yummy and seasonal with the boys. Maybe some pumpkin scones, pumpkin pancakes, apple pie, or apple bread. I also though caramel apples could be really fun! Anyone have a delicious recipe they want to share? 

Fall crafts / I love doing crafts with the boys, and I've been pinning fun fall and halloween theme projects for us to work on. I also bought a couple kits from Target because they're always a hit too, and so easy! 

Decorate Sugar Cookies / Decorating sugar cookies at Christmas is a Magliozzi tradition, and I've selfishly taken it a bit further, expanding to most holidays because it's just so fun!  

Fall Floral Arrangement / this one is more for me than the family. But I love getting a few various flowers from Trader Joes and making my own arrangements. 

Read a cozy Fall Book / Carly shared a fall read on her Bucket List postThe City Baker's Guide to Country Living and described it as the "perfect" fall book. So I think that will be the one I read! I can use my new kindle that Andrew got me for our 8th wedding anniversary. 

Watch my favorite Fall Movies / Hocus Pocus and Practical Magic will always be favorites, but I've been dying to watch You've Got Mail too. Why don't they make movies like they used to? Does it make me officially old for saying that?

This probably isn't the most realistic bucket list, but being my favorite season, there are just so many activities I want to squeeze in! I like this list because it's a few things for me and a few things for the whole family to do together! Lucky for me, Graham is as obsessed with all things fall as I am, so he will love checking things off the list as much as I do. We already have big plans for getting the house decorated this weekend. 

What's on your fall bucket list?

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