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Foothill Spotlight - North Fork Chai


I thought sharing my love for where we live and all our favorite places would be a fun new series for the blog! Some of the highlights of foothill living, so we're calling it Foothill Highlights. If some clever person has a better name please tell me, this was the best I could do for now. 

What better place to start then one of our family's most favorite places, North Fork Chai! We've been going for years, I'm not sure anyone loves their scones more than Graham. They started selling Chai back in 2018 locally at the farmers market and local events, then in April 2019 they opened their cafe in Newcastle. I'm sure my parents are who told us about it, but once we tasted their scones we were hooked! We come more often than we probably should! It's become a place we go as a family for special weekend treats, birthdays, a quick stop on our way to cut down Christmas trees, you name it! 

As you might guess from the name, Chai is their specialty. It's phenomenal! My Aunt has it shipped to Oregon on subscription. And I was standing in line behind a woman last weekend who was buying a case to drive to her daughter out of state. When I tell you this place is incredible, believe me! 

Although I rave about the scones, their breakfast sandwich is the actual BEST breakfast sandwich you'll ever have. (For those around during my foggy years, Devils Teeth in the Sunset of San Francisco is a close 2nd place)! The best way to order it is to add bacon, avocado, mixed greens, pepper jack cheese, and the chipotle sauce. There are a few sauces, cheese, and greens options. But that combo is, chefs kiss! 

Although I rarely stray from my scone and breakfast sandwich order, they do have several other options on the menu. The avocado toast is delicious on their homemade bread. They also have quiche and breakfast burritos on the weekend. Sometimes they even have cinnamon rolls! But if it's your first visit, my favorite menu items are a dirty chai latte, scone, and a breakfast sandwich. 

They've recently started a great Monday Market where they have a fixed dinner menu and local vendors set up for people to shop. We haven't made it to one yet, but I'll be sure to feature that as another Local Highlight when we do! You can follow along on their Instagram for menu updates, usually the Friday before.

Another great thing they offer are classes! Most are cooking or baking,  but they have a spoon carving one too. I definitely want to sign up for one of the scone making, or other cooking classes soon. This is one of the reasons I love North Fork so much, they really value community and try to foster it by providing things like their classes, a place to work, a gathering place for people to share coffee and a meal, hosting markets for local vendors, etc.  

For those of you who aren't local, fear not! You can order their amazing chai to be shipped. And if you're semi local and heading to North Lake Tahoe, you'll drive right by it. The perfect place to stop on your way to or from the mountains for a little treat! 

I hope you enjoyed the first Foothills Highlight and will stick around to learn about more of our favorite places.  

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