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Lifted Her Look - Let's Try Again

Remember two years ago when I planned to do a style challenge called "Lifted Her Look" and then the world turned upside down with the Covid-19 Pandemic the following week? Yeah. 

Well, even two years later I think this is such a fun idea that will be perfect for helping me find my style again, and work towards my goals for 2023. With the pandemic, and being home all the time, I pretty much stopped taking care of myself and putting any effort into ME. With pregnancy, then newborn twins, and just the general stage of life I've been in the past couple years, I found myself unmotivated to put in the effort. My Rent the Runway membership helped a little, but I still spend more days in comfy clothes and no makeup than I care to admit. But in 2023, the year of me, that all changes! I want to find my own personal style again, what makes me feel great, and hopefully, inspire someone else out there who found themselves in a similar stage that I had been. 

I'm planning to start on February 1st and continue the challenge for the entire month. I'll be sure to document my looks on Instagram, as well as a weekly recap of my outfits here on the blog. I will be using the hashtag #liftedherlook and tagging those who inspired each look. I'd love if you follow along with me, tag me if you do!

Also must give credit where credit is due, this idea was totally inspired by Nadine, who is one of the Moms behind Moms in the Mirror. If you don't already, be sure to follow them! They share real-life Mom style and are just so kind and relatable. I'm sure I'll be lifting one of their looks during this challenge.  

My goals for the challenge:
  1. To find my personal style that fits with my life as a mom who works from home. 
  2. That practicing putting outfits together inspired by others, will teach me how to do this on my own.
  3. Help me to feel inspired by the items in my own closet, instead of wanting to buy more more more. 
  4. Gain confidence in myself
  5. To get out of my rut, and inspired to get ready every morning
  6. It's ok to re-wear the same look during the month
  7. "Lift her look" at least 4 days a week

Wish me luck!

*photo by the talented Stephanie Court!

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