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Lifted Her Look

A year or so ago, a friend I met through blogging did a challenge she called "Lifted Her Look" using the hashtag #LiftedHerLook. I thought it was genius! I just loved the concept and following along as she used items from her own closet to create looks inspired by other influencers. Ever since, I've had this in the back of my mind as a challenge for myself, and what better way to kick off my re-entry to blogging than giving this a shot?!

I am by no means a fashion blogger, but I do love clothes and following other bloggers for style inspiration. So I figured why not use their influence to inspire myself to breathe new life into my own style.

The timing also seems perfect because I am currently on a shopping freeze. While I am not a religious person, I was baptized catholic and have always enjoyed the concept of lent and using it as a time to give up something as sort of a personal challenge. Many times I've given up various foods and treats I enjoy to try and focus on health, but this year I decided I need to give up shopping. We have hopes of buying a house this year and I'm trying to save more. I don't need anything, and would like to not only save money but focus on having less. My goal is to do the #liftedherlook challenge as a way to shop my own closet and create looks that make me feel good, without spending any money.

Another reason I am excited for this challenge is because I am feeling in a bit of a style rut myself. Since moving back to the foothills (more on this later) I work remotely from home. This means besides a trip to the gym or grocery store, I am always home. I often end up wearing my workout clothes all day and rarely put on makeup or do my hair unless I have plans to go out. This has led to feeling pretty blah about myself, and even more uninspired than ever. Not to mention, many of my clothes fit differently postpartum and were geared towards working in an office in San Francisco, in a totally different climate. Needless to say, I need help finding a style that fits my new life as a Mom working in a home office.

I'm planning to start on March 1st and continue the challenge for the entire month. I'll be sure to document my looks on Instagram, as well as a weekly recap of my outfits here on the blog. I will be using the hashtag #liftedherlook and tagging those who inspired each look. I'd love if you follow along with me, tag me if you do!

Also must give credit where credit is due, this idea was totally stolen from Nadine. If you don't already, be sure to follow her blog and Instagram. She is the best, love her stories and following along about Motherhood, her amazing thrifting finds, recipes, budgeting, and all the things really. I wished we lived closer so we could meet for play dates and wine nights! Also, for you mamas out there, she and her best friend have an Instagram account that I love following called @momsinthemirror where they share their real-life mom style. I'm sure I'll be lifting a number of looks from there!

My goals for the challenge:
  1. To find my personal style that fits with my life as a mom who works from home. 
  2. That practicing putting outfits together inspired by others, will teach me how to do this on my own.
  3. Help me to feel inspired by the items in my own closet, instead of wanting to buy more more more. 
  4. Gain confidence in myself
  5. To get out of my rut, and inspired to get ready every morning
  6. It's ok to re-wear the same look during the month
  7. "Lift her look" at least 5 days a week

Wish me luck!

*photo by the talented Stephanie Court!

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