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Is Anyone There?

Hello? Is anyone out there?

My last post on From Foothills to Fog was published on August 23, 2017 and let me tell you, A LOT has happened since then. I imagine most of you reading this are friends and family, or follow me on Instagram so you're well aware my life looks much different than it did back in 2017 (in the best way possible)! Don't worry, I won't spend hours trying to catch you up on all the events that have transpired over the past few years, but I'll probably do a quick recap post as more of a diary for myself.

But before we get into that, I figured I would start with why I am here. What brought me back.

I have learned that I am the type of person who really needs a creative outlet. Creative expression is something I've enjoyed as far back as I can remember. Starting with craft days with my Mom growing up, to scrapbooking, painting, drawing, photography and then of course this blog. I became obsessed with blogs back in 2008 while working at my first "real" job. I remember talking about them and having to explain what a blog was. Back in those days there was no pressure to be perfect, or even the thought of turning it into a career. For years I dreamt of starting one, but it wasn't until 2013 after moving to San Francisco I took the leap.

I truly loved blogging, especially in the early days when there was less pressure. It was such a fun outlet for me and most of all I enjoyed connecting with people and making new friends. Some of which I am still in touch with today! But I think I let the pressure of everything get to me. I also started working in the Tech world at a pretty demanding job, so I felt like I couldn't keep up with work and take the blog to where I wanted it. I had big hopes and dreams for this space, and it felt daunting. Like I wouldn't get there while still having my 9-5 to focus on. Looking back, I regret that decision. Who knows where it would be if I had just stuck with it. Sometimes I let the fear of failure or other peoples opinions hold me back, it's something I'm working on. And thankfully, it's getting easier the older I get.

In the past couple years when I stepped back from blogging, I've told myself countless times that I would start again. I craved the creative space of my own, the community, and the possibility. I have a clearer vision of what I'd like to create in this space now, and I think now is the perfect time to jump back in. I hope you will join me and follow along on this renewed adventure.

*photo by the talented Stephanie Court!

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  1. Hi! I followed your blog when I lived in SF and was looking for some SF bloggers - this post just popped up in my feedly :) So funny - I looked at your insta and I also have a son named Graham! Such a great name :) I've also moved out of SF -we moved to Denver almost two years ago. I miss SF but Denver makes so much more sense with two kids now. Excited to follow your blog again since we're in similar life stages!


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