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Highlights of 2022

What a year! Honestly, most of 2022 is a blur. We started the year with almost 6 month old twins, at the end of my maternity leave, trying to finish unpacking the boxes from moving, and getting settled into a routine. The first six months of 2022 were mostly spent at home, trying to figure out what our new normal was, poking our head out into the world in what felt like "safe" activities. Going from one to three kids post pandemic is a lot as a parent, and Andrew and I definitely felt the pressure. 

But in the spring, and definitely by summer and fall, we felt the fog start to lift. That first year postpartum I'm in a daze, just on auto pilot. It's definitely a surviving not thriving type of situation. But by summer I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. It felt like we were no longer tethered to the house as the brothers started taking less bottles (ie less pumping), fewer naps, and we got more and more comfortable leaving the house. 

Here is a snapshot of our year and some photos from the highlights. We're so very thankful for our home, healthy family, and amazing group of friends that feel like family. We're looking forward to all that 2023 has in store for us, and feeling thankful for the memories of 2022. 

January - Still getting comfortable in our new home. My maternity leave ended, and our new nanny Devon joined our family. 

February - more time at home, venturing out for dinner at Mimi & Papa's and places that felt "safe" and we had extra hands for brothers.

March - This was a big month for Mom. Gamma and Auntie came to help Daddy while Mom went on a weekend away with her closest girlfriends. Everyone survived, even with a trip to the doctor and an ear infection for Graham. But it was a wonderful escape and Mom returned feeling refreshed. 

April - Celebrating birthdays, Easter and spending time with friends.

May - Mothers Day was one of our first "big" outings. Thankfully there were a lot of helping hands. Graham had the most fun of everyone. He LOVES live music and continues to talk about the band at the winery 7 months later. He swears when Chris Stapleton comes on, he was the one at the winery, and Might As Well Get Stoned was likely on our Spotify top song for the year.  

June - Swimming and enjoying our friends

July - Our first big trip as a family of 5, and our First Annual Friend Vacation. We went to the Russian River for a week. The house was a little more rustic than we anticipated, and it was A LOT of kids and adults for the space. We lovingly referred to it as camping. But it was the best time with our framily and memories made. 

August - We started in Donner for the resurgence of Playgroup Campout, the next generation. It was wonderful and I look forward to bringing back that tradition. Next up, was our annual Tuolumne Meadows trip with Mimi & Papa. While we miss the Tuolumne Meadows campground, we've been lucky to get a site just outside the park the past two years. We hope they finish the updates to the campground as soon as possible so we can bring back our mornings in the meadow. This year was extra special because Graham hiked up Lembert Dome all by himself! And Mom & Dad each carried a brother in the backpack, so all 5 of us could enjoy one of our very favorite places. This weekend was a highlight for me. Not only because the place and time with my parents is so special. But because I was really nervous for this trip, and it was so successful. I think my low expectations really helped, and it made for a wonderful and memorable weekend. 

September - This month was dedicated to my parents 50th wedding anniversary! Such a special milestone. We spent time planning and preparing for a wonderful party in their honor, surrounded by family and friends from their years together. The most inspiring and loving couple I know. We also spent a weekend in Tahoe with friends right on the lake. Graham had a blast and parents enjoyed the chaos with a beautiful backdrop. 

October - Kicking off the best time of year, I love all the fun fall festivities. Our favorite Larson Family Winery Harvest Party with friends, Apple Hill,  my birthday, our annual pumpkin carving party, and our wonderful neighborhood Halloween parade and trick or treating. We love where we live and are so happy we get to share those events with our friends. 

November - We brought back Friendsgiving this year! While it looks very different than the original years (you can see those here) it was lovely to have our friends here at our house to celebrate the season. We also had a lovely Thanksgiving at my parents house. While I really missed our larger family group, I was so happy to have a holiday reminiscent of my childhood years I loved, especially after two years spending the holiday without any family at all. While there have been some really difficult family dynamics the past few years, it felt really good for a moment to think it might all be behind us. I was glad to have that day at Mimi & Papa's and for Graham to have some time with his cousins he rarely sees. 

December - The hustle and bustle of Christmas was a magical blur. We fit in so many wonderful traditions both old and new. Graham loves Christmas as much as I do, probably more. And I live for making the holiday extra special for him. Advent calendar activities, special outings, Santa visits, The Polar Express, family cookie decorating, long Gamma visits, it's all so special. 

Even during the hard parts, when Andrew and I felt so overwhelmed and questioned how we'd make it, looking back I can see it was a special year for our family. We made some wonderful memories with friends and family, and I know our boys felt loved and safe. What more could I ask for?

Now that the fog has lifted from the newborn days with Jack & Charlie, and we're more settled in our routine as a family of 5, I'm excited for 2023 and what is in store for us. 

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