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December Instagram Round-Up

// Getting our first tree together, which you can read more about here //

// Our first Christmas tree! Our house felt so cozy and festive during the holidays, I love Christmas decorations! //

// Go Niners! My friend had us all over to watch the 49er game a few weeks ago, it's always more fun watching with a big group! I can't to watch them in the Playoffs again on Sunday! //

// All the girls (and Posey the pup) in our 49er best! //

// The Friday of my office Christmas party we got off work early so we could go get checked into the Hotel, this was the amazing view of San Francisco on my drive downtown. I love where I live! //

// One of my best friends, and co-worker, before our office Christmas party at the Four Seasons Hotel. We had a cocktail in her room before heading down to meet everyone //

// My sister sent me this cute photo of Phillip in his "I Love My Aunt" onsie! I love that she always sends me videos and pictures, it makes me feel closer to home! //

// Using all my festive Christmas decor that my sister has given me over the years! This fun wine glass was a favor from one of our Girls Christmas Brunches a few years ago, and the Garland was from the first time we lived in together on our own, and of course the cute "LOVE" banner she had made for me this year. Sisters are the best! //

// Andrew and I enjoying the gardens at the Fairmont Hotel with our parents! It was so fun walking around the city and seeing all the festive holiday decor. //

// The vintage hand towel my Godmother gave me for Christmas, it was my Grams and I'm so happy she passed it down to me. I love the soft colors and fun poodle design. //

// Traditional Christmas morning latte in my favorite Christmas mug! (quite similar to my Instagram from December 2012)! There is nothing better than waking up at home on Christmas morning!  //

// The stocking my mom made for me when I was a little girl. I absolutely love it...maybe I'll learn needlepoint and make some for my own family on day! //

// Sister, Sister...there were never such devoted sisters! - line from my favorite movie, White Christmas! We had to take a picture after testing out her new curling wand //

// December in San Diego! A beautiful morning at the beach watching Andrew surf before spending the day with his family to celebrate Christmas //

// Enjoying an amazing latte while catching up with one of my best friends in Encinitas! She moved down to San Diego recently, so it was great to see her and spend some time together while Andrew was surfing. Plus, it was the cutest local, surf coffee shop! I always like trying local spots //

// I also posted this short Statigram video with my top Instagram posts of 2013 //

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  1. december treated you well i see :)

  2. You did so many fun things in December!
    I wish that month didn't go buy so fast!


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