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Lessons Learned: Living With A Boy Part II

It's hard to believe Andrew moved to the city a year ago. It seems like just yesterday, but at the same time so long ago. I can hardly remember a time when I didn't see him everyday, and those two years of long distance seem like a distant memory. Although I know that time made our relationship stronger, and brought us closer together, I am so thankful it's behind us. Because, living together is way too much fun!

A few months after he moved in, when From Foothills to Fog was brand new, I wrote a post about some of the things I had learned about him after we moved in together. You can read more about it here. It was fun to read again, all those things are most definitely true. Hansel & Gretel still leave a trail of paper towels for me to pick up, but he's worth it!

Of course, it hasn't always been rainbows and butterfly's, but it's absolutely been the best, and most fun year yet. And of course, I've learned a few more things about him since my last post, so I thought I'd give you an update in honor of our 1 year of roommate-ness.

// he hates laundry //
But who are we kidding, so do I!! I'm on laundry duty in our house for the most part, which is fine by me. I actually knew he hated doing laundry from the get go, so I wasn't surprised it was on my list of chores once we moved in together. I actually don't mind doing laundry, it's the folding part I hate.

// excellent dish washer //
While I'm on laundry duty, Andrew typically does the dishes. Living without a dishwasher is absolutely the worst part of living in this city, and I'm a messy cook, so cleaning up after dinner is quite the task. Thankfully, the dish fairy Andrew comes to the rescue on most nights! Sometimes I help him out, but he definitely does them more than I do.

// activities //
While sometimes, a lazy day at home sounds perfect for me, Andrew always has to be on the go. He likes moving from one activity to the next. Each weekend is jam packed with fun outings like: hikes, surfing, projects or camping. It keeps us busy and we've done so many fun activities together because of it!

// sweet & caring //
He is so thoughtful and sweet! I can be a brat at times, and he usually helps me snap out of it by making me laugh or being extra lovey. I think he's the reason we get along so well, because he is a great communicator and always treats me so well, even when I might not deserve it.

// planner...planner...planner //
He likes to have a plan. Whether it's something happening tomorrow, in a week, or next year. He wants all of the information, and right now! We're always talking about future weekends and plans. Possible camping trips, or vacations...there is always something we need to plan according to Andrew.

// messes up the sheets...every.single.night //
He doesn't like his sheets tucked in, which is SO annoying. I literally have to re-make the bed every single night because as soon as he gets in he pulls up all the sheets so they're not tucked in, which means they get all messed up and fall to one side. It drives me nuts.

// awesome doggy Dad //
Andrew is the best dog Dad to Louis. He's always concerned and does the dog related chores. I gave Louis a bath once, he won. So it's best for everyone if Andrew does that chore!  We always try to incorporate Louis in our activities, even though two, six mile hikes last weekend really wore him out!

// loves spending time together //
A lot of people need time apart, with their own activities to maintain a healthy relationship. Which we do, Andrew surfs and snowboards, I blog and spend time with friends. But for the most part, we really like to spend as much time together as possible. When we first decided to live together, one fear I had is that I wouldn't have any "me" time, but we have so much fun together, I want to spend my time with him, and I appreciate he likes that too. When he's been gone for a weekend with the guys, I usually get my fix of "me" time within the first few hours, so I like it when he sticks around!

// tv shows //
Some of the TV shows I'm addicted to are not exactly something you'd think your boyfriend would want to watch with you (Nashville, Grey's Anatomy, The Kardashians). But Andrew is nice enough to watch my silly shows with me! We also had a major Breaking Bad marathon when he moved in, so I could get caught up before the final season so we could watch together, (so sad it's over now, I miss Jesse). Now we're catching up on Parenthood, and love watching Orange Is The New Back and House of Cards together. It seems silly, but it's fun to have shows in common that we can watch together and talk about. He draws the line at The Bachelor though, thankfully I have weekly dates with the girls for that!

It's been such a great year! Even though I still can't believe that much time has passed. Looking back, we've done so many fun things, and really enjoyed this first year together in the city. I'm looking forward to the coming year, and what it has in store for us. Who knows what else there is to learn about living with a boy!

What things have you learned living with your significant other?


  1. Love this list. Having no dishwasher must SUCK - my house would always be a disaster if that was the case. I also don't mind doing laundry too much. It's the whole "putting away" bit that I hate. One thing I learned after moving in with David is that he always throws his clothes on the floor. At my house with a double coated Chow Chow that means the clothes are automatically covered in dog hair. It drives me bonkers because I am always doing so much more laundry than necessary!

  2. I have discovered that standard bedding simply does not accommodate men. We do separate blankets, two twin size in duvet covers fit very nicely on the queen sized bed. Though Paul and I also prefer different blanket characteristics, so that factors in for sure.

  3. This is such a good blog post idea! Living with a boy is enlightening to say the least.

  4. Omg, the sheets would drive me nuts too!! But seriously that is so funny, I really laughed out loud!

    When Mike & I moved in together he thought it was ok to put leftovers away In fridge still in the pot or pan that we made it in, I was like "nooooo"" lol... We've come along way :-)

  5. aww that's so sweet! ps. i HATE the sheets tucked in too. i actually don't even have sheets in my bed and at hotel i yank them out as soon as i get into the room. i feel like i'm being strangled if they're tucked in

  6. Can you guys just get married already??? ;) no pressure Andrew!!
    He sounds like a keeper!

    And I'm totally with him on the whole sheets thing...I hate having them tucked in and really tight! But Sam loves it haha

  7. ugh- isn't long distance the worst? my bf lives in SD and i here in SF... what a pain! hopefully someday (soon) we'll be in the same place. love your post!


  8. what the heck is up with boys messing up the sheets and not liking them tucked!? ive never met a man who can make it through the night without messing them up. Making the bed is so much easier when you arent sleeping with a boy!


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