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Twosday: Cozy & Warm

This weekend was beautiful here in the city, as nice as it was to have 70* weather in January, we are in desperate need of some rain! But Andrew and I made sure to take advantage of the sunshine, and spent a lot of time outdoors.

Saturday we went on little hike from our house through the Presidio and down to Crissy Field. It was so lovely to sit outside in the warm sunshine and relax. It was one of those perfect San Francisco days that make you fall in love with the city all over again. I love where we live!

The theme for Twosday this week was "Cozy & Warm" Typically in January, we would be bundled up in our down jackets to stay "Cozy & Warm", but this weekend the weather was so nice, my Twosday post is more like "Cozy & Warm"

My post was a little late yesterday, but shared our Infamous 2nd Date in case you missed it!

Question of the day: When does a "walk" become a "hike"? Andrew and I were trying to figure that out on Saturday...

Twentieth Street


  1. Ahh we were in the same spot yesterday! Love this beautiful city of ours (even if our football team was robbed of the superbowl!)

  2. Love it! I can't get over the weather we've been having lately. I know we'll pay for it later but it has definitely been nice. I have no idea what the "official" difference is between a walk and a hike but I usually think of a hike as out in nature and a walk as being more urban/residential. I realize that difference probably only exists in my mind though.

  3. I wish we could go on hikes together...that would be so fun!

  4. even oregon isn't getting that much rain right now and they are talking about droughts this summer! not that i am complaining to have no rain!

  5. This sounds so peaceful! Can't wait to visit San Francisco :-)

  6. 70 degrees? We have 10 inches of snow. I f**** hate the east coast. That's it - I am coming home (and promptly parking my ass on your sofa ;) <--- you are welcome. <3


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