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Lesson's Learned: Living With A Girl (Andrew's Perspective)!

I have a fun surprise for you today! Since I had so much fun writing the post earlier this week about things I've learned living with Andrew, I thought I should ask him to join the fun! He reluctantly agreed to write a little guest post about some of the things he's learned the past year living with me. 

“I kissed lived with a girl, and I liked it.
Things I learned living with a girl

The girl LOVES cheese!!! When you think you’ve cut, grated or melted enough…cut, grate or melt some more.

The Dish Delay
I do most of the dishes around here.  Occasionally when she offers to do them she will, IF she starts within the next 20 minutes.  Otherwise, she will just keep pushing it off.  Then it gets too late and I’ll end up washing them the next night. 

This brings me to my next Thing

Winding down
I like to get things done and slowly wind down for the rest of the evening.  For the most part Theresa does too.  Except for bedtime.  Almost every night, when its time to settle into bed, she has a sudden burst of energy she needs to get out.  This energy is release in the form of aggressive patting, squirming and laughter. 
{This makes me sound kinda crazy. I swear I'm not a total freak, just playful!}

Always carry snacks
Hanger sets in easily so it’s best to be prepared.
{So true. What can I say? I like to eat!}

Easily sidetracked
Whenever she has packing or cleaning to do she gets sidetracked easily.  She starts doing one thing, then sees something else that needs to be done, and switches tasks. So inevitably, it takes her twice as long to finish what she started. 

Looses Everything
She doesn't actually loose things and never find them, she just misplaces them temporarily.  Then we frantically have to search for said item. When we do eventually find it, its either right in front of her face or somewhere very bizarre.  I find myself thinking, “Why would anyone put chopsticks in the medicine cabinet?”  (This never really happened)
{I should probably work on this. I lose my wallet daily, only to find it in my purse}

Today is the official 1 year mark of living together, and we're both still smiling and in love, I'd say that's a good sign! Even though he has to put up with my ADD tendencies, cheese cravings, and temporary memory loss, he still seems to like me. So that's a plus! 

Hopefully ya'll like this post and the little glimpse it gave you into my quirky, silly side :) Happy Friday!!


  1. The cheese comment might have well come out of David's mouth. Between my love for it and Finn's there is never enough to go around!

  2. hahah this was amazing! totally agree with cheese. what is better than cheese? i do used to get a burst of energy before bed. it would drive russ nuts :)

  3. hahah love this. i think it's just a girl thing to love cheese everything! or maybe just a san francisco girl thing

  4. Love this and a great idea for a post. My husband says he is careful not to let me get too hungry because the beast within me comes out. It's not pretty.

  5. Oh my gosh. Winding down is hilarious. THAT IS JUST LIKE ME. I'm not even kidding.

  6. Ahhh, so cute! I love Andrew more & more with each post, he's such a trooper :-)

  7. Awww I love you guys!
    I'll try to convince Sam to move up there so we can be real life bffs. It can totally happen :)

  8. OMG - we are the same. For reals. I am pretty sure all of these things apply to me.
    I always have so much energy before bed! And cheese - please - YES.
    Oh and by the way - we are coming your way this year. Lets plan. 9ers game? Lots of time together - YES and YES. ;)


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