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High Marsh Loop Trail: Marin County

On Martin Luther King Jr., Day Andrew and I took advantage of the extra day off work and went for a hike in Marin County. We have a few Bay Area hiking books, and our goal is to start exploring more of the local trails, and utilize our weekends to go hiking and camping more frequently. 

We wanted to bring Louis with us, so we looked for trails that are dog friendly. Andrew had heard about Cataract Falls in Marin, and the High Marsh Trail in our book mentioned that as well, so we figured we'd go for it. Although we knew with the lack of rain, the falls wouldn't be too impressive, the trail allowed dogs and was about 6 miles, so off we went. 

Sadly, the falls were more like a drip, but it was still a nice, wooded hike. Although we both decided we prefer hikes with a summit or viewpoint. Maybe we'll try it again on a rainy year to get the full effect of Cataract Falls. 

Thirsty pup!
Tired pup...6 miles is just about his limit

After our hike, we were rewarded with spectacular views of the bay after a short walk from the parking lot. It was a beautiful, clear day, and the views really made us appreciate where we live. 


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for posting this because I'm always looking for new hikes around the area that allows dogs. I feel like it's so limited around here, and I only like to hike w/ my dog.

  2. your photos are fabulous! now let's hope portland weather cooperates so I can get some hiking in this weekend!

  3. That view at the end is gorgeous!!
    Such a bummer that the falls were so dry...hopefully it'll be better the next time you guys go.

  4. What a beautiful hike. I'm going to look into this trail. Hopefully we can get some more rain and potentially see those falls!

  5. wow!! the views are amazing!! we should def all go hiking some time!


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