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Farewell To Fall & A Winter To-Do List

Since I was enjoying time with family at home last week and didn't get a post up Friday, this is sort of a two-for-one deal. Hopefully that's okay with you guys!

Remember way back when, when I did a post on my Fall To Do List? Well, here it is, December 4th! The leaves have fallen, and Baby It's Cold Outside! I know it's technically still fall, but we've said farewell to the Pumpkin Spice Latte's and hello to the Red Cups, so it's only fitting the blog moves on to Winter as well! I thought it would be fun to take a look back and see how many things I was able to accomplish. Although it wasn't everything, I think I did pretty well!

Pumpkin Patch
We didn't make it to a pumpkin patch this year. That's partially my fault because I wanted to go to a "real" pumpkin patch where you actually pick them, not just a lot in the city. But, we did buy pumpkins at Safeway, so maybe that counts for something?

Carve Pumpkins
We missed out on the pumpkin carving festivities. Our friends got together on my birthday to carve pumpkins, but since we already had dinner reservations and I was looking forward to a night out with Andrew, we missed it. Next year!

Dress up for Halloween
We didn't actually dress up on Halloween, but had an amazing time in costume at my "T" Party! 

Bake with Pumpkin and Apple
This, I was 100% successful with! I made Apple Bread, Morning Glory Muffins with Apples, Apple Sauce and Pumpkin Pie at Friendsgiving and at my Moms for Thanksgiving last week!

Craft Project
I'd say my DIY Christmas gift was a pretty successful craft project! There are also a few Christmas theme crafts coming to a blog near you soon :) (Sister, don't click the DIY link, it's a secret)!

Try a New Restaurant
We tried a few new restaurants! For Andrew's birthday we had carnival inspired food at Straw. On my birthday Andrew took me to Wayfare Tavern. And we had a date night at The Tee Off a couple weeks ago! 

Tourist in SF For A Day
Although I did make it to Golden Gate Park for Hardly Strictly, I'd say I failed at this one. And we did spend a day on Haight St. walking through shops looking for Halloween costumes, so that was a fun SF activity. I am pretty sure there is a never-ending list of activities to do in San Francisco. 

Read Two Books
I'm reading this book right now, and I love it so far. I also read 3 books on Vacation in Cabo, but I think that was technically still summer. 

Our first Friendsgiving was a huge hit! The turkey was amazing, and the company was even better. I'm already looking forward to next year!

Snail Mail
My wonderful friend sent me the sweetest note in the mail, and I have failed miserably at returning the kind gesture. I need to fix that asap! 

Island DIY and Paint/Decorate Kitchen
We finally finished our kitchen island, just in time for Friendsgiving! It turned out so great. I'll be posting a step by step process soon! 

Decorate for Fall
In my Friendsgiving posts, you get a peek at my Fall decorations. I didn't go crazy, but I love having the mantle decorated and a centerpiece on the table. It makes the house feel so warm and cheerful. 

Pick Apples
I picked apples right in my back yard! And best of all, made a few apple dishes with our own apples! We have our very own apple orchard with 4 trees! 

Wine Tasting/Napa Trip
We didn't make it to Napa, but I'll be keeping this one on the Winter To Do List! 

Since I tend to overdo it with my goals and lists, I'm keeping my Winter To-Do List short and sweet! Ask Andrew, I always think there is more time in a day than there actually is. I've narrowed it down to a few things that I really want to enjoy during this Holiday Season and the upcoming Winter months...

Brave The Slopes
Since I tore my ACL/MCL and had surgery, I haven't been skiing. This year, I hope to brave the slopes and go to the snow with Andrew and our friends at least once. 

Decorate For Christmas
I LOVE the holidays, and I can't wait to make our house feel festive. It's our first Christmas living together, so I am even more excited than usual. I can't wait to put on Christmas music & movies and decorate our tree!

Get a Christmas Tree with Andrew
We went to my favorite tree farm while we were at my parents last weekend and helped my parents pick out their tree. It was so much fun! But we decided to wait until we got back to the city to get one for our house. 

Go to Napa/Sonoma Wine Tasting
I really hope we can plan a day trip up there with our friends! I know we can convince Corrie and Erica, any other takers? 

Experience San Francisco at Christmas
I hope we can go see Christmas lights around the city, and even make a trip to Union Square to see the tree and do a little holiday shopping. 

Have friends over for dinner
We had so much fun hosting our friends on Friendsgiving, I really want to have everyone over again soon. Just a simple dinner or potluck to celebrate the holidays! 

Enjoy Living in SF
We are so busy, always going from one place to the next, and it seems like we're hardly in the city. I'd like to really take some time to appreciate where we live, and take advantage of all this city has to offer! 


In hopes of making this the longest post ever, here is a little Instagram recap from November. It was my slowest Insta month yet, I need to get on my game in December! 

// Celebrating at our friends wedding // Date Night at the The Tee Off // 
// Making the brine for our turkey // Homemade pie for Friendsgiving // 
// Wearing my Thanksgiving apron with Gram's recipes in honor of Friendsgiving // 
// My beautiful friends // So thankful for this guy // My sister and I on Thanksgiving, love her! // 
// My Thanksgiving #TBT of Andrew reenacting an old photo of his Dad with the turkey. Priceless! //

I can't believe we're halfway through the first week of December! I am starting to feel the Holiday pressure! So much shopping and prep left to do, so little time! I'm going to try and slow down, and just appreciate the next few weeks! After all, it's my very favorite time of year!


  1. hope you get on the slopes, just because with that knee!

  2. I loved your Insta-monthly recap, I might have to copy cat that idea ;-)

  3. I failed on making anything pumpkin this year. I did make apple crisp a few times though!
    You read THREE books in Cabo?? Dang girl... you're a fast reader.
    You've inspired me to start a Friendsgiving tradition next year. It's such a great idea and so much fun it sounds like.

    LOVE everything on your winter to-do list. I need to make one myself.

  4. I agree with you on your Winter to do list - keep it short so you feel more accomplished! :)

  5. love the short list - I always make long ones and fail!

  6. love this! i need to make one now- yay for winter! {despite the FREEZING weather today!}

    the well-traveled wife ♥


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