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DIY Christmas Wreath

Last weekend when I was home for Thanksgiving, one thing I really wanted to do was make a wreath with my Mom. People call my mom Martha, because, she is just as talented as Martha Stewart! Not only is she an amazing cook, but also quite crafty and an incredible seamstress.

My mom and I have made wreaths together in the past, but it's been a few years since I've moved away. I was really looking forward to spending some time with her and getting into the holiday spirit together.

Since my parents house is nestled in the pine trees of the Foothills, we didn't have to look very far for our supplies. Sunday afternoon we took a little walk around their property to gather our greenery. We trimmed from Sugar Pine, Incense Cedar, Douglas Fir and White Fir trees and holly leaves and berries. In addition to the greens, you will also need a wreath form as well as some gardening wire (they are both less than $5 at your local craft store). If you have access to fresh greenery, you'll need some garden clippers as well. Otherwise, you could always use artificial  greens from the craft store and make a wreath to enjoy year after year.

Once you've gathered your supplies, they're actually quite simple to make. The first step is to trim your greenery using clippers. Clip them into attractive pieces about 6" or so in length. To make it simple, start a pile for each type of tree clippings.

Once you have clipped your greenery, the next step is to assemble bunches. Another shortcut is to clip 4" pieces of your garden wire so it's accessible and easy to grab. Now, you simply take one piece of greenery clipping from each pile and arrange it in a nice bunch. Keep in mind that there is an "under side" to the branches, the color will be a bit dull on one side, so be sure to arrange the clippings "face up." Once you've assemble your bundle, secure it with garden wire. I wrapped my wire around the bundle about an inch from the bottom. Placing the center of the wire over the bundle, then twist very tightly in the back to secure. Leave the ends of your garden wire long, because you'll use that to secure it to the wreath form in the next step.

Once your bundles are assembled (thanks mom!) you can start attaching them to your wreath form. Start on the outside rings, and fill in the center later. Using the excess wire on your bundles, twist tightly to secure the bundle to the form. It doesn't have to be pretty, you won't see this part, just make sure each bundle is attached firmly to the wreath form.

If I were a good blogger, my nails would have been painted for this post...#oops

Continue this process and work your way around the form. Work counter clockwise to ensure that your branches lay flat.

Now that you've attached bundles around the outer portion of the form, it's time to fill in the gaps on the inside.

After you've added bundles to the inner ring of the form, your wreath will look full and beautiful like this!

And now, for the finishing touch, holly berries! To me, nothing says Christmas like holly. It's so festive and beautiful (albeit dangerous, those guys are pokey)! We trimmed holly branches near my parents property, then selected our favorite bunches to use on the wreath. We just nestled the holly into the greenery bunches, and because of their thick stems and pointy leaves, they stick in the wreath easily. If you're putting your wreath on the front door, it might be a good idea to use some garden wire and attach the holly securely.

You could also add small pine cones, or even a festive plaid ribbon or bow at the top. I decided I liked the simple, rustic look of my wreath without a ribbon, but now that it's on my front door I'm considering adding it!

Hopefully this post didn't make it seem complicated, making wreaths really is SO simple. It's a little time consuming making the bundles and twisting all that wire, but the end result is so worth it! Your wreath should last through the holiday season, especially if you plan to hang it outside.

I still have quite a bit of greenery and holly left over, so I plan on using it for my centerpiece and mantle decor. I'll post pictures once I have our house looking festive!

It was such a simple project, and it was the highlight of my afternoon. I hung the wreath right away, and it makes me smile every time I walk in the front door! I so enjoyed spending that time with my mom and learning from the pro! Even though I'm far from home, it's so nice I was home last weekend and able to participate in some of my favorite holiday traditions with my family!

What are some of your favorite traditions? Have you ever made a wreath?


  1. Crafty girl! Love this - I may have to attempt it!

  2. I love it! I really need to make a wreath like this. Looks pretty simple!

  3. Wow, that looks really good!!
    It probably smells really good, huh?

  4. wow!! you are so crafty!!! i love it!

  5. This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing at the All Things Christmas party! Pinning and sharing - hope you have a happy and wonderful week!

  6. Ok this is SO much better than mine!! Amazing! I'm going to use your tip about filling in the center next time to make it fuller! :)


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